My Brush with Bond, James Bond

It seems like forever since I was in London. Actually, it was just last week. I have several delightful photos to share, but since many of you are waiting for evidence that I actually did see Daniel Craig, the new (and incredibly hot James Bond), I'll start there.

First let me say, I have the best husband in the world. Knowing I have a fantasy crush on Mr. Craig, he alerted me that Daniel was going to be present for a film premiere of his movie Flashbacks of a Fool. That premiere was only a few short blocks from the flat we were staying in. He didn't complain when we braved the crush of fans vying for a glimpse of the movie's stars as they walked the red carpet (yes, it was really red). He even volunteered to take pictures. He's taller than me and could hold the camera higher. A must when there are multitudes of people straining for shots with their cameras and phones. He was patient when Daniel took forever to conduct red carpet interviews with journalist on the OPPOSITE side of the carpet. (We are now intimately acquainted with DC's backside) And he didn't even flinch when Daniel finally came over to our side and I squealed with excitement.

So, without further rambling, here are some extremely candid shots of Daniel Craig compliments of my awesome husband. Let me add that Mr. Craig was unbelievably humble and gracious with his overly enthusiastic fans. In addition to being a fine actor, he's a nice guy. Talk about refreshing.

Not a cigar in his mouth, but a Sharpie-the pen he used to sign autographs. He needed his hands free for a sec. Check out those blue eyes!

The smile. That's all I'm saying.

And now for the bonus, the movie trailor...


flchen1 said…

How fabulous! I'm just going to enjoy your photos for a bit longer :)

And your DH is a peach! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Enjoy to your heart's content, flchen1! I know I am. :)

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