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"People on the outside think there's something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn't like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that's all there is to it." ~~- Harlan Ellison (Author/TV Writer)

Not that I'm complaining, just saying. Writing is hard work and I'm feeling the burn. Excuse my absence as I bear down on the last of Evie's adventures. Well, the last adventures you'll get to read about anyway.

When this book is turned in, I'm going to treat myself to a cinematic experience. (read: I'm going to the movies!) I haven't been to a movie theater in, hmm, six months. My top pick, must see? Leatherheads!

What about you? What's your top pick movie must see?


Barb said…

I'm looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie due out in May!
Beth Ciotta said…
Absolutely. Indiana Jones is at the top of my list, Barb. But that's not until May! Also want to see Nim's Island. That might be a good one for Logan and Jax. :)
Anna Lucia said…
No movie recommendations, although you've given me an idea...

But I did want to say how much I loved ELE. I was totally with Evie all the way, loved her family, and you did a great job with Arch and Milo.

STILL not 100% sure who I'd pick... ;-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Anna,

So glad you enjoyed EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE! As to who Evie should end up with... I feel the same. Arch and Milo are both great for different reasons. Who to choose? I'd hate to be in her shoes... although it might be fun for a day. :)
flchen1 said…
Just not much of a movie watcher, but yes, I'm curious about the new Indiana Jones, too! (My kids are starting to be curious about the original ones--haven't decided if they're old enough to see them yet!)

And yay, Beth! Write on! :)

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