Cheers from London!

Checking in for anyone who hasn't given up on me. No, I haven't given up blogging. I'm just on hiatus as I cram on the deadline book. No, I haven't crossed the finish line yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Meanwhile, I took a brief break with the blessing of my editor because I had previous plans for a week in London, England. In fact, that's where I am now! I've been here for three days... two to go. Lots to report on the awesome sights, but not just now. I will tell you that I did blow up our converter because I didn't realize (or 'realise' at they write here in the UK) you couldn't use it to plug in electric heating hair implements! There was a 'pop' and lots of smoke, a stinky burning smell and my shrill, "Oh, no!!"

Of course I was distressed that I blew up our one and only converter, but even more so... no flat iron for the entire trip? Nooooo! Luckily, my new, snappy, short bob (picture Posh with funky layers) is doing pretty well via a blow dryer (which has a UK adaptor) and metal hair brush. Thank goodness.

It's particularly important that I have a good hair day today, because Steve just got back from a walk along Charing Cross Road (lots of bookstores there) and said there's a film premiere in Leicester Square at a cinema just a block from where we're staying. He knew I'd be interested in staking out the red carpet because the star of the featured film is..... Daniel Craig!!

Honestly, I am not a crowd person, but I'm going to brave the crush. How can I not? A glimpse of the new and fantabulous James Bond in the flesh? One of my co-workers is nuts about Daniel. I'm going to try to get a picture for her. Okay. It's for me too. Wish me luck. Hopefully I won't get trampled. Or arrested.

Later tonight, we're meeting two friends for dinner. Tommorrow we head for the London Book Fair. I'm not sure what to expect, but both of my publishers will be there and I look forward to saying hello. Full report of the event coming soon.

Best overheard line so far: On the tube ride (subway) from the airport into the city, a senior gentleman of about seventy-years was seated across from me. Very British in his attire and demeanor. A quiet, conservative bloke intent on a crossword puzzle or some such. This went on for quite a few miles. Not once did he utter a word. At one stop, a woman got on and tried to sit in the seat next to him. The tube lurched forward and she lost her balance, landing in his lap. She was mortified and apologized profusely.

He pushed his black rimmed glass up his nose and smiled. "That's alright," he said in an upercrust accent. "The ladies are always falling all over me."

It was so unexpected. So well timed. We all laughed. It was a great way to start off my holiday.

The only spoiler so far has been Leatherheads. Yes, I saw it. Don't ask.

Off to see Daniel. Maybe. Cheers!


flchen1 said…
Oh, Beth!! London!!! You lucky girl, you! How sweet of you to think of us while you're there!

It sounds wonderful, and best wishes with your Daniel Craig stakeout! Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope the rest of your time is just splendid!
Roni said…
Oh lucky you Beth! We LOVED London when we were there 2 years ago (altghough the food left something to be desired). If you can get to Stonehenge on one fo the day tours.
Also the British Museum is fascinating!
Mary Stella said…
I hope your quest to snap a picture of Daniel Craig (I'm a big fan, too, B!!!) has a better result than the Christopher Meloni adventure. Don't want any more production assistants yelling at you, my friend.

So glad that you're enjoying your trip with Steve. *waving at Steve*
Beth Ciotta said…
flchen1, the DC stakeout was a success!! I feel like such a fan-girl goober, but what a rush! Daniel's as charismatic and handsome in person as he is on screen and he's NICE! Detailed account later. Hurrying off to the London Book Fair. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Roni, I went to the British Museum on Friday and saw some fabulous exhibits. The one that blew me away most was in the Egyptian portion. I've seen mummies before, but this was a man before they mummified. It happened naturally in the hot desert sun and sand. Basically he looked freeze-dried. He had his skin, some hair andall of his teeth. It was like something out of a horror movie. Scary, but fascinating.

As for Stonehenge, I was there a few years ago. LOVED it. Very spiritual.
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, I GOT PICS. Or rather Steve did. It was awesome! Running now. More later! Woo-hoo!!
Kim Lenox said…
Oooooh, I'd brave the crowd for Daniel Craig too! Tell us how it goes. I'm so jealous you're in London. Greeeeeeeen.
Anna Lucia said…
Hey, I'm nuts about DC, too - picked him as the 'model' for my second Medallion Press hero years before he was thought of for Bond *polishes nails*!

Loving your London stories, Beth!

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