A Taste of the Big Apple

Attending the NINC conference in NYC was a smart choice for several reasons. Yes, I've been inspired by the workshops. I also had a near brush of fame with the cast of Law and Order SVU! More on that later. Back to the workshops. A couple of gems (and I'm paraphrasing)

From Theresa Rebeck (playwright, prime-time TV writer, film writer, and novelist) on breaking into a field overflowing with other artists... "I realized that it's not that I lacked the talent, what they had over me was courage. I finally gave myself permission to pursue my dream."

From Donald Maass (Agent, Donald Maass Literary Agency) on building and sustaining a successfully career (and possibly breaking out)... "There are two kinds of authors. Storytellers and status seekers." He then went on to describe the difference and explain how one benefits and the other works against.

If you think about it, it's pretty clear what's what. I knew right away which one I am and that fed nicely into something else Donald said (along with agents, Joshua Bilmes and Peter Rubie) When asked how much time an author should devote to self-promotion. They had a lot to say on the subject, but this is what struck me most. "Keep your eye on the ball. Keep your focus. THE STORY and appealing to readers." The best thing you can do for your career is write consistently good stories.

On the social business front, I had a lovely dinner with my editor from HQN, Keyren Gerlach. We ate a lot and laughed a lot and she shared some exciting news. Unfortunately, I can't share it yet. But soon...

I also had fantastic discussions with Tracy Farrell (Executive Editor HQN/Luna Books) and Dianne Moggy (Editorial Director, Harlequin Global Single Title). They always have such great energy and they support me in a huge way which is very inspiring!

Friday, my friend and roommate Mary Stella and I had a fun lunch with our friend Kate Duffy (Editorial Director, Kensington Publishing Company) We always have a blast with Kate and this was no exception. The the Shepard's pie was delicious! Later that night we met up with Kate, Sarah Wendall (Smart Bitches/Trashy Books), Barbara Vey (Publishers Weekly), Karen Auerbach (Director of Publicity, Kensington), and LaToya Smith, Editor (Grand Central Publishing) some other new friends for dinner. A night of laughter and great food. Oh, and our brush with the cast of SVU. Barbara, of Beyond Her Book blogging fame, blogged about it. Here's an excerpt but go read her entire post for pictures plus more on NINC. She's a hoot!

"Kate, being the super hostess she is, managed to have us at the restaurant just as they were shooting an episode of Law and Order: SVU . Beth Ciotta was having a squee moment and asked me to take a picture of actor Christopher Meloni. Well, the assistant director starting yelling at me about no flashes and I thought security was going to come after me. Bottom Line: Mariska Hargitay was there too, but Beth didn't want a picture of her. Thank goodness, I probably would have been arrested."

I've been outed! A Christopher Meloni fangirl. Hey, it could've been worse. At least I didn't land Barbara in the clink!

More later! I have so much more share, but I'm off to more workshops. Viva inspiration!


Cynthia said…
You met Christopher Meloni?! I'm whimpering over here. So you got a picture right? How much to share it with those of us deprived of sharing the same air as him?
flchen1 said…
Ooh, Beth! What a squee moment!

Not that the rest of the weekend doesn't sound amazing as well, of course ;) Can't wait to read more :)
Jen said…
You ARE going to post the pic, right?

Sounds like you had a blast.
Roni said…
Oh! I can't wait to hear the good news you've hinted at.
Beth Ciotta said…
There is no pic! Woe is me! The assistant director shooed us away before Barbara could snap. I only have the picture of Chris that's branded on my brain. Sorry gals!

As to more about the conference... I just got home and I'm crushing on a deadline. More posts as soon as I can. Promise!

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