Speaking of Blogging...

There's an interesting post today at BookSquare. It reaffirms some of my own thoughts of late on blogging and sort of makes me want to hang up my blogging shoes. On the other hand, I'm stubborn. I like it here. And I do say in my profile that these are ramblings. I'd like to think that these ramblings are occasionally entertaining and that once in a great while I offer a bit of useful information or at the very best, inspiration. If I inspire at least one or two people a week or make someone smile, I am a happy camper.

Of course this is also me trying to validate my being here.

As pointed out at BookSquare...

"There is no such thing as a blogging imperative. In fact, after long consideration, I believe that most authors should not blog, especially if they’re accepting the messy diarist definition of blogging. Sad truth: most people are not good at writing about daily trials and tribulations with wit, verve, and voice. It’s hard work, and for many authors, it’s the opposite of what they prefer to write. Good blogging is good writing, but not everyone can or should do it."

I agree. Good blogging is hard work. Looking back in my archives in my previous Bravenet blog, I actually think I used to be a pretty darn good blogger... But back then I had more free time. At that time I was also still working as an entertainer. My trials and tribulations in that field were endless and provided many funny, outrageous, poignant and often irritating tales.

Now, in addition to writing, I work at my local library. So I'm either home, writing away, or working in a literary paradise. Not a lot of craziness to report. Plus I'm channeling every ounce of creativity into my books.

On that note, I'd like to leave you with links to a few writers who, I believe, consistently blog with wit, verve, and voice. Ken Levine, Neil Gaiman, Mary Stella, Jill Shalvis, and Jennifer Crusie.

Talk about inspiring.

What about you? Any particular bloggers who rock your socks?


Cynthia said…
I'm glad you're stubborn because I like it here too.

Other blogs I read and enjoy are from Alison Kent and Jennifer Cruise, Michael Ruhlman has a wonderful food related blog (blog.ruhlman.com), and of course there is Anthony Bourdain's blog but that's just for the snark value (sorry don't know the url).
charleneteglia said…
Lynn Viehl's blog is always interesting! (pbackwriter.blogspot.com)

And yes, it does take energy to blog in an entertaining way. I don't shoot for high entertainment or informational value most days; I just try to be consistent and current.
Beth Ciotta said…
Awww. You're a good soul, Cynthia. :)

I enjoy Alison's blog as well. Going to have to check out your other suggestions. Already know Cruise. Ruhlman sounds really interesting. As for Bourdain... I'm not so big on 'snark' but never say never!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hey, Charli! PBW's blog is indeed noteworthy. As for your blog...consistent and current is good! Plus, there'a warm, fuzzy feeling there. :)
Cynthia said…
Bourdain is an acquired taste but I like him. His blog is at:
Beth Ciotta said…
Okay, Cynthia. Just checked out Bourdain and I'm SOLD. Thank you, very much. Like I needed another distraction. LOL But, hey. What's up with the teensy font??
Cynthia said…
Ah, I love bringing people over to the dark side. ;)

The teensy font got past me, probably because I keep track of his blog, and yours, and dozens of others through a blog reader (bloglines) so for me the font is readable.
Mary Stella said…
Thanks for the shout-out, B! I still like blogging, or I wouldn't do it. LOL In addition to the bloggers you mention (I'm such a Ken Levine fangirl), I have a number of blogs I regularly enjoy and list on my blogroll. Of course, I love my fellow Babes in Bookland. (babesinbookland.com)I've recently started reading Charlotte Hughes. She doesn't blog often, but when she does, it's a kick to read.

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