Romantic Times--Good Times

This morning I received an email asking if I would be attending the 2009 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. That's right. 2009. They're already planning ahead. Location: Orlando, Florida. I replied--Count me in!

I've attended the RT Convention every year for 13 years. This year I have to miss it. It's next month and I'm already mourning the missed opportunity to see many friends and to meet many readers. *le sigh*

I do, however, have a boatload of fantastic memories to hold me over until 2009.

RT-Kansas City. At one of the many costume parties with my dear friends, author Heather Graham and costume/set designer, Connie Perry. Yes, we're tired and sweaty. We danced all night!

RT-St. Louis. My friends (and members of Heather and Connie's families) Zhenia, Derrick, Shayne, and Josh and cover model/musician Mark Johnson stopped at my table at the bookfair to show their love and support.

RT-Daytona Beach. At the Fairy Ball with my girlfriends, my good buds, authors--Lori Armstrong, Mary Stella, Kathy Love, Julia Templeton and Arianna Hart.

And these are just three of a gazillion bright and happy memories from a Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. Good times. Good times.


Hey. it's great that you're reaching readers-- but is there ever an attempt to uh, raise the quality of the writing even a bit?
Have a good day!
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm not sure what you're referring to, k.i.n.g. wenclas.

If you mean this blog, it's intended to be a casual forum.

If you mean my books, then the answer is, yes. I strive to improve the quality of my writing every day. For myself and for my readers.

You have a great day, too.

Anonymous said…
It seems to me that Wenclas could stand to raise the quality of his/her writing since we must guess at his/her point.
flchen1 said…
Thanks for sharing some of those fantastic photos! I've definitely never been, but want to now! :)
Marissa Alwin said…
You will be missed this year!
I'm heading to Orlando too. The perfect place to celebrate the telling of happily ever afters!

Roni said…
I really would have liked to go to RT since it wasn't far away this year--and it would have been my first time. But it ends at the beginning of Passover and we have a lot of family over (sigh). Maybe next year...In the meantime, the quality of your writing, Beth, whether on this "casual" blog or in your FANTASTIC books, is always top-notch.
Beth Ciotta said…
Anon.... thanks for the support!

flchen1, You would have a BLAST at RT. Maybe someday....

Hi, Mo. Have fun in Pittsburg. See you Orlando!

Roni, it would be great if you could make Orlando. Fingers crossed. As to the quality of my writing, as always... THANK YOU!

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