Off Limits

It will take months, maybe years (if I keep going at this rate) to read every book in my ever-growing TBR stacks. I can't tell you how happy I am that I actually squeezed in an entire book while I was away to the NINC conference. A fun, sexy, fast read by multi-published author Jordan Summers. The fact that Jordan is my friend has no bearing on this shout out. Swear.

The thing I loved most about OFF LIMITS were all of the scenes that took place on the airplane. The heroine (Delaney), an ATF special agent, is undercover as a flight attendant. There was a ton of humor and realism in those scenes. And no wonder they rang so true, Jordan used to be a flight attendant. It's a genuine behind-the-scenes peek into that world and I found it fascinating. Give me more!
But I digress. I also loved the very alpha hero, Jack. And the sex scenes? *clears throat* Very, very hot.
True story: I was reading OFF LIMITS on the bus ride up to NYC. Suddenly I noticed the man seated next to me was reading a book, too. I peeked over. The Holy Bible! What were the chances? Since lightning didn't strike me, I kept reading. Until I came to that first sex scene. Yowza. The great thing about stopping at that point, however, was that I couldn't wait to get back to it.
All I know is that I could never walk in Delaney's shoes.... but I'd like to.


flchen1 said…
Ooh... looks and sounds great, Beth!

So, do we get to see your photo? ;)

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