The Future of Entertainment... Maybe

Since my background is entertainment and it is, as they say, in my blood, I am naturally attracted to news in that industry--whether it covers TV, film, music, writing, or art. This morning I received an email alerting me of: An Interview with Ken Levine on future of Hollywood and the Fallout of the Writers Strike

Since Ken is one of my favorite sitcom writers and as he entertains me daily with his witty blog, I had to click over. Not surprisingly, the interview is interesting and entertaining. What did surprise me was the venue. I'd never heard of this blog newspaper. What a great concept. If you get a chance, check out THE ISSUE. From their 'About' page...

The Issue is a non-partisan blog newspaper that provides a window to an emerging world of diverse and informed opinions. We cull the blogosphere for its wise insights, probing analyses, and diverse perspectives, drawing together a borderless newspaper. By combining the democratization and diversity of new media with the format and editorial standards of traditional news, we hope to offer a hybrid news source that provides the best of both worlds.

As noted in Ken's interview, times are changing. Is it possible that in the near future that the Internet will be the chosen source for all our entertainment needs? I know someone who gave up her cable because she can watch her favorite TV shows on her computer. Since I'm always tied to my laptop for work purposes, it's generally where I get my world and US news. It's also where I listen to music. I don't generally read e-books, but millions of people do. Instead of joining friends for after school activities like kick ball, hopscotch, baseball and bike riding (like back when I was a kid) I can't tell you how many kids come into our library to use the computers for on-line games.

Just saying.

What about you? When it comes to entertainment, do you find yourself turning more and more to your computer?


Tori Lennox said…
Not me! I can only stand to sit at my desk for a certain amount of time every day before my hands/legs start going numb. Not to mention I have a hard time seeing the screen after a certain amount of time. If my computer was the only option I had for entertainment, I'd scream and pull all my hair out.
Beth Ciotta said…
I can handle the numb hands and legs, Tori. It's the numb butt that does me in. :)

Seriously though, as techno-goober, I'm stunned at how much of my world revovled around the computer. Except for pleasure reading. In which case I must have a book in hand!
Mary Stella said…
Occasionally, I'm tempted to sign up to watch the Phillies games on computer -- but only occasionally. I'd like to download the occasional television program to my nano if I missed seeing it on the tube itself. I can't imagine only watching tv on the computer.

That said, I am entertained on the Internet by witty blogs that I read or other stuff I catch up on. I will also admit to doing a little relaxing by playing Scrabblecubes or my new fascination -- Poker for play money.

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