Define Sexy

Today my husband made me laugh. That's not unusual. He has a wicked wit. I find a sense of humor incredibly sexy. It rates in my top three sexy traits. Kind heart. Intelligence. Sense of humor.

What do you find sexy?


Mary Stella said…
Sense of humor - including wicked, quick wit; good heart/compassion/tenderness with the toughness; smart

Pretty much what you said about your definitely sexy husband.
Julia Templeton said…
Confidence, kindness, compassion.
flchen1 said…
Oh, Beth--I like your list--those three are very important! The kind heart and ability to laugh and make me laugh are real keepers!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Ooh, good list, Mary. :)

Yours, too, Julie!

flchen1--keepers to be sure!!

Notice that none of us mentioned physical attributes? I wonder what a man's top three would be? ;)
Nancy Henderson said…
Creativity, being an artist, tempermental mood & all LOL
charleneteglia said…
Oh yes! Intelligence and sense of humor are at the top of the list. And then it doesn't hurt if he looks hot in motorcycle gear. *ggg*
spekz said…
Confidence, a fit body and a strong mind.

Beth, are open to some sort of a link trade. I am looking for an incoming link for from I prefer a three-way trade also involving and/or but am willing to do a two-way trade with Thanks.

Best Regards,
Beth Ciotta said…
Nancy, I didn't think about that, but I am in fact attracted to artistic men over say 9-5 businessman. Although I can do without the tempermental mod. LOL

Charli--Hot motorcycle gear! Yes, maam! And on the flipside--a sharp suit. :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Spekz, great list. Confidence is definitely attractive.

As for swapping links... I appreciate the interest, but it's not something I'm comfortable with. Best to you as well. :)
I can't speak for all guys (I'm sure Eliot Spitzer would have a different list) but for me the three things I most respond to in a woman is...

Oh...four. One who can teach me grammar.

"the three things I most respond to in a woman ARE..."
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Ken!

Excellent list! Compassion is huge and pretty much what I was thinking when I said kind heart.

As to someone who teaches grammar... I guess that wouldn't be me since my eyes skated right over your 'is'. :)

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