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Off Limits

It will take months, maybe years (if I keep going at this rate) to read every book in my ever-growing TBR stacks. I can't tell you how happy I am that I actually squeezed in an entire book while I was away to the NINC conference. A fun, sexy, fast read by multi-published author Jordan Summers. The fact that Jordan is my friend has no bearing on this shout out. Swear.
The thing I loved most about OFF LIMITSwere all of the scenes that took place on the airplane. The heroine (Delaney), an ATF special agent, is undercover as a flight attendant. There was a ton of humor and realism in those scenes. And no wonder they rang so true, Jordan used to be a flight attendant. It's a genuine behind-the-scenes peek into that world and I found it fascinating. Give me more! But I digress. I also loved the very alpha hero, Jack. And the sex scenes? *clears throat* Very, very hot. True story: I was reading OFF LIMITSon the bus ride up to NYC. Suddenly I noticed the man seated next to me was read…

A Taste of the Big Apple

Attending the NINC conference in NYC was a smart choice for several reasons. Yes, I've been inspired by the workshops. I also had a near brush of fame with the cast of Law and Order SVU! More on that later. Back to the workshops. A couple of gems (and I'm paraphrasing)

From Theresa Rebeck (playwright, prime-time TV writer, film writer, and novelist) on breaking into a field overflowing with other artists... "I realized that it's not that I lacked the talent, what they had over me was courage. I finally gave myself permission to pursue my dream."

From Donald Maass (Agent, Donald Maass Literary Agency) on building and sustaining a successfully career (and possibly breaking out)... "There are two kinds of authors. Storytellers and status seekers." He then went on to describe the difference and explain how one benefits and the other works against.

If you think about it, it's pretty clear what's what. I knew right away which one I am and that fed nicely…

Inspiration and Motivation

I spent the evening packing for a writer's conference. Tomorrow I'll hop a bus to NYC to attend my first Novelist Inc. Conference--NINC for short. I've been to a lot of writers conferences, but not NINC, an organization made up exclusively of multi-published authors in multiple genres.

I'm a bit intimidated by the people I'll meet as well as the diverse workshops. I'll learn about writing for soap operas, graphic novels, and the YA market as well as 'writing the breakout novel', 'what's new in publishing' and the 'art of the deal'.

And... as they say... much, much more.

Since the conference is in NYC, representatives from all of the major publishing houses and literary agencies will be present in full force. It's a chance to network and to learn. I intend to make the most of it. (Click herefor the list of who's who and what's what.)

I'm so looking forward to immersing myself in the world of publishing with fellow writers.…

The Shallow Reader

Okay. Something I never dreamed of, happened. I've been turned off by the 'feel' of a book. Call me shallow.

A couple of years ago, I tripped upon Elmore Leanord's blog. I admire tha man and his writing. I was thrilled to find a top ten list of Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing. Many of his rules resonated with me. I blogged about it.

Then last year, I tripped upon the news that a book would be published based on those rules: Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing. Glory be! I revisted his blog and couldn't find the original post. Understood. The material was now a basis for a book.

Life and deadlines got in the way and it wasn't until today that I could check Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing out of the library. I opened the book anticipating, craving his wisdom. But alas. It was hard to turn the pages. Hard, stiff, cardboard like pages. Each with only a paragraph of copy or an illustration. The pages were hard to turn, the book hard to maipulate. I dislik…

Be Kind to the Bunny

Follows a post I originally wrote three years ago. The message--be kind to the Easter Bunny (and all other costumed characters)--still applies. The topic is especially timely to me as I recently wrote a scene in Evie Ever After (the third installment in the Chameleon Chronicles) where Evie has to don a . . . well, let's just say she has to suit up or the greater good.

My eyebrows rose when I noticed a headline in my Yahoo news column last night: Easter Bunny gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall. Though that headline causes one to smile, really it's not all that funny. I mean the poor guy in the furry suit ended up with a bloody nose. (click here to read story)
It reminded me of the other day when I posted about dream jobs. One of my dream jobs is (was) to be a character (preferably Cinderella or Snow White) at one of the Disney properties. My friend Shelly, a talented juggler, character actress, and Disney enthusiast, said she'd heard too many horror stories about 'characters&#…

Define Sexy

Today my husband made me laugh. That's not unusual. He has a wicked wit. I find a sense of humor incredibly sexy. It rates in my top three sexy traits. Kind heart. Intelligence. Sense of humor.

What do you find sexy?

The Power of a Great Book

Hello. Is this thing on? Testing. One, two, three.
A couple of stereo-typical cheesy lines that I used to use in my former life as an entertainer. The tech would always ask me (and whatever band members were singing) to "check the mic". This was before the performance, to make sure the monitors and mains were loud enough and the EQ was pleasing (to both performer and audience) and, if the performer wanted 'effects' (reverb, echo--voice enhancements, if you will), to make sure they weren't too sparse or too heavy, but just right.
"Test the mic," the tech would say. Which meant: Talk and keep talking until I like what I hear (tone/volume wise). So basically I started with the cliched testing, one, two, three and then rambled on about nothing. Something I do well. As proven in these opening paragraphs.

My intention wasn't to talk about 'the old days', but to address the fact that I haven't blogged in a week. Is anyone still coming here? Is th…

Romantic Times--Good Times

This morning I received an email asking if I would be attending the 2009 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. That's right. 2009. They're already planning ahead. Location: Orlando, Florida. I replied--Count me in!

I've attended the RT Convention every year for 13 years. This year I have to miss it. It's next month and I'm already mourning the missed opportunity to see many friends and to meet many readers. *le sigh*

I do, however, have a boatload of fantastic memories to hold me over until 2009.

RT-Kansas City. At one of the many costume parties with my dear friends, author Heather Graham and costume/set designer, Connie Perry. Yes, we're tired and sweaty. We danced all night!

RT-St. Louis. My friends (and members of Heather and Connie's families) Zhenia, Derrick, Shayne, and Josh and cover model/musician Mark Johnson stopped at my table at the bookfair to show their love and support.

RT-Daytona Beach. At the Fairy Ball with my girlfriends, my good buds, autho…

The Future of Entertainment... Maybe

Since my background is entertainment and it is, as they say, in my blood, I am naturally attracted to news in that industry--whether it covers TV, film, music, writing, or art. This morning I received an email alerting me of: An Interview with Ken Levine on future of Hollywood and the Fallout of the Writers Strike

Since Ken is one of my favorite sitcom writers and as he entertains me daily with his witty blog, I had to click over. Not surprisingly, the interviewis interesting and entertaining. What did surprise me was the venue. I'd never heard of this blog newspaper. What a great concept. If you get a chance, check out THE ISSUE. From their 'About' page...
The Issue is a non-partisan blog newspaper that provides a window to an emerging world of diverse and informed opinions. We cull the blogosphere for its wise insights, probing analyses, and diverse perspectives, drawing together a borderless newspaper. By combining the democratization and diversity of new media with the f…

When Stars Really Shine

I love it when celebrities--and I'm talking the ones who make BIG bucks--donate large amounts of money to charity. I mean really. Just how much money does one person need? Isn't it enough simply to have one million in the bank?

In the past year, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie contributed millions to the cause of their choice. Just this past week, Drew Barrymore contributed one million dollars to feed Kenyen children. Go, Drew!

Yesterday I tripped upon an article announcing that you can win a date with Scarlett Johansson. 100% of the proceeds go to Oxfam America. The bidding is taking place here on Ebay.

The winning bidder will receive:
* Two tickets to the world premiere of He's Just Not That Into You. The premiere location has not yet been determined but will be in either Los Angeles or New York this July.

* Chauffeured car service to the premiere

* Hair and makeup for one by Privé

* A meet and greet with Scarlett Johansson at the premiere


Speaking of Blogging...

There's an interesting post today at BookSquare. It reaffirms some of my own thoughts of late on blogging and sort of makes me want to hang up my blogging shoes. On the other hand, I'm stubborn. I like it here. And I do say in my profile that these are ramblings. I'd like to think that these ramblings are occasionally entertaining and that once in a great while I offer a bit of useful information or at the very best, inspiration. If I inspire at least one or two people a week or make someone smile, I am a happy camper.

Of course this is also me trying to validate my being here.

As pointed out at BookSquare...

"There is no such thing as a blogging imperative. In fact, after long consideration, I believe that most authors should not blog, especially if they’re accepting the messy diarist definition of blogging. Sad truth: most people are not good at writing about daily trials and tribulations with wit, verve, and voice. It’s hard work, and for many authors, it’s the …

Is it me?

Good grief.

Have I truly not blogged for an entire week?! I think I blogged daily for two years straight--honest--but then I took a full-time day job and everything changed. Time and energy is ultra precious. I have contracted deadlines and not enough time in the day. Things like blogging daily, even bi-weekly, slip down a notch on the list of priorities.

Not that I'm whining about my situation, because, hey, I'm lucky to have such problems. I'm published. I'm 'under contract'. I'm luckier than many, so I shall not whine! Not very much any way. *g*

A recent topic of one of the writer's loops I belong to: The more successful you are, the greater the pressure.

It's all perspective and I'll leave it at that.

Back to blogging.

In additon to blogging less, I'm blog hopping less and commenting, well, hardly at all. In kind, I'm noticing less comments on my blog and blogs in general.

Curious. Is it just me or does there seem to be a dip in overall bl…