The Writing Marathon

I'm in the midst of an eight day writing marathon. Morning to late night wth small breaks to shower and stretch. I can eat at my desk. Just chugged a cup of hot tea and an ice-cold Slim Fast. Did I mention I gave up coffee? Yes, me. The bean juice addict. It's been two weeks now and I'm still ticking. I went from six cups a day minimum to zip--cold turkey. Amazingly I didn't go through any kind of withdrawl.

Where was I?

Ah, yes, the writing marathon. I took some vaca days from work to make this eight-day stretch happen. I'm hoping to produce a mind numbing amount of pages in this period, so I won't be around here much. No TV. No phone chats. No Internet. Well, except to check email now and again.

Speaking of writing marathons, check out Ken Levine's take on the suspended writer's strike. Viewers will be happy. Writers will be happy, but tired. I haven't watched TV in quite some time due to my hectic schedule, but I'm semi-aware of the shows out there. What new episodes are you most anxious to see?


Bob said…
Didn't you even get a headache from the coffee quitting? Have to use some aspirin or something? Have you substitute Mountain Dew, perhaps? I need to detox from coffee, too, but I really enjoy the fix. And there's the rub, the fix.
Beth Ciotta said…
Bob, I was amazed that I didn't suffer headaches. No aspirin. No Mountain Dew--although that sounds good. Haven't had one of those in years.

I am drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning. But only one cup as oppossed t six of coffee. Then I switch to herbal or green tea--no caffine.

AS to that java fix--trust me, I understand!

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