The Sunday Ramble

Six days into my eight day writing marathon. I have been writing approximately 12-14 hours a day. Although I have been breaking to shower and eat and stretch. The stretching is important. After a few hours my legs and butt go numb. I've also been diligent about riding my exercise bike everyday. Two weeks ago, I could only survive five minutes. I know. How pitiful is that? But I've improved and last night I puffed and pedaled for twenty-one minutes! Wa-hoo!

As you know ( or at least you do now) I have given up coffee. This was huge lifestyle change with me. Instead I now drink tea. A cup of black tea in the morning, then I switch to decaffinated green or herbal. This morning I came across an interesting article on the benefits of drinking tea. Tea: The Elixir of Life Check it out!

This morning on Yahoo, there was a place to click to see celebrity couples in love. I present to you a picture of an ordinary couple in love.
Now I'm off to write about an unsual couple in love.

Arch: “You’re a pain in the arse.”
Evie: “But an adorable pain.”
Arch: “Aye,” he said with a smile in his voice. “There is that.”

Wish me, I mean them luck.


Mary Stella said…
As you know from our years of friendship, I never drink coffee -- only tea. (Blog readers, Beth is a great conference roommate. In her coffee-drinking days, she always ran a pot of hot water in the hotel room machine for my tea before she brewed her coffee!) I drink black tea in the morning and then usually have a couple of cups of green tea at some point in the rest of the day. I have a favorite that I think is absolutely delicious. Try Tazo's Zen variety. It's green tea with a hint of spearmint and other natural flavors. Yum!

Way to go on the writing marathon, B!
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, that tea you suggested sounds delicious. I'll look it up. I've been enjoying a green tea with pomigranite. And also a honey and chamomille (sp?)herbal tea. Yum.

Oh, and thanks for the shout of support. The marathon continues!
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work Beth!

I love Arch and Evie...

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