Pics from the Past #1

This week (and maybe next) I'm posting excerpts from some of my previous novels, including those written with my friend and partner Cynthia Valero under the name CB Scott. I thought I'd mix it up by posting 'Pics from the Past' every other day or so. I mean, jeez, how many excerpts can you read. Plus it's not like I have a gazillion books. Still working on the first fifty. *g*

Since I posted an excerpt from Cyndi and my debut book yesterday, these pics seemed appropriate. Ah, memories.

Pic #1 -- Our first big booksigning. This was at a Romantic Times Convention. It was exciting and intimidating at the same time.

Cyndi and I co-wrote and directed several Mr. Romance Competitions for Romantic Times. This particular year, super cover models David Alan Johnson and Steve Sandalis co-hosted the show for us. They were fantastic! I called the show (stage and audio cues) from the sound board and Cyndi ran powerpoint and called video cues. No, I didn't wear an evening gown the whole time. Just changed into that toward the end because I got to 'be' in the show as well. Lucky me got to sing a duet wth the handsome and talented Filippo.
Ah, yes. Good times.


Mary Stella said…
I remember that beautiful white dress and that performance. I think I took all of those pictures, too! LOL

Great memories, B!
Gwendolyn said…
you are still hot, girlfriend! Just finished All About Evie-book 2. As I said in the e-mail, you are a skilled writer.KUDOS. love to you always, G
Beth Ciotta said…
That beautiful white dress no longer fits, Mary. However I do still own it. For bloggable reasons. Coming soon. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Gwen!!!!!!!!!! My beautiful, mega talented friend who always says the right things. :) Thank you! :)

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