Million Dollar Chest Hair

Seven million actually. That's if this report is accurate. According to a few on-line news sources, legendary heartthrob, Tom Jones, has taken out a policy with Lloyd's of London, insuring his chest hair for almost seven mill.

What's up with that Pussy Cat? Wow. It's just so odd to me to insure a body part. Although I think a movie studio once insured hollywood star, Betty Grable's dishy legs for a whooper amount. Apparently, Liberace also insured a body part--his hands. And if this source is correct, J-Lo's--ahem-- bodacious bum is insured. So what? If it suddenly goes all flabby or if a dog takes bite out of her rear, she collects?


Back to Tom Jones, I have been a fan of his since I was a kid. The man is a dynamite performer and has a great set of pipes. I enjoy listening to him as much today as I did in his younger "It's Not Unusual" prime. Several years ago, I got the opportunity to meet him.

It was back when I was a full-time character actress at Tropicana Casino. Mr. Jones was appearing in the showroom and he had been asked to make a special appearnece at a high roller My boss at the time, a really great lady, knew I was a huge fan. Part of her job as entertainment manager was to make sure Mr. Jones had security from his room to the event room. She invited me to join her as she and the guards escorted him to and from. Somehow, I managed not to swoon or drool while in his company. Not even when she introduced him to me. Somehow I uttered polite words in exchange instead of blabbing and gushing and making an idiot of myself. I was however, breathless. I'm not sure how old he was at that point, but I don't think it mattered. He oozed charisma and was sexy as all get out. And cherry on the top--he was nice. Really, really nice. So, of course, I was even in more awe.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my boss invited me to view his concert later that night with her. I promised I wouldn't throw my bra at the stage (although other women did just that!) but I did scream a lot. Then again, so did she!

It was the thrill of a lifetime. I never got to see Elvis perform but I did get to meet Tom Jones and see him rock the house! After all this time the man's still got it!

Thinking back on how down-to-earth he was, I can't imagine he insured his chest hair. But maybe a business associate did. Or maybe it's just gossip.

What do you consider to be your most valuable physical asset? I'm thinking mine's my smile. :)


Anonymous said…
I haven't posted lately but I DO read your blog all the time! My biggest physical assett? I like my eyes, which are big...but very near-sighted. :)
Tori Lennox said…
My vision may be pretty iffy, but I still think my eyes are my best asset. People have always told me how pretty they are. :)

And I love Tom Jones! I'm glad he's nice.
barb said…
I think j-Lo and I have a lot in common in this department!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Roni! I agree. Your eyes are GREAT.

Wow, Tori. Another eye person. Wish I could see those pretty blinkers. :(

Barb, yup. Lucky you. ;)
charleneteglia said…
Er. Physical? Does my brain and/or imagination count? Because really, that is my #1 asset. Beyond that, I'm told I have a nice smile.
Scott Oden said…
I'm going to follow in Tom's footsteps and get the man-rug insured. You just never know when a stray flick of ash is going to spark the mother of all chest hair explosions . . .
Anonymous said…
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