Media. The Double-Edged Sword.

Tonight I did an over-the-phone interview with a reporter from a regional newspaper. I've done phone interviews before but it's been awhile. A long while. The reporter was a woman. Quite lovely. Smart and funny. The newspaper, CERISE, a premier newspaper for the women of South Jersey is the perfect venue for me and my books. A primo promo opp. I was prepared. She was experienced. No reason to be nervous.

Yeah, right.

You read/hear so much advice on what to say and not to say during an interview. So, unfortunately, I was a little self-conscious. Even though she was lovely.

Certain bullet points kept bombarding my brain.

Mention sales statistics regarding romantic fiction.

Mention RWA.

Mention your publishers. Your book titles.

Mention the Atlantic County Library system (my day gig employers) as they arranged the interview and, hey, they deserve some nifty PR.

Luckily this reporter never made me feel as though I had to defend romantic fiction. She seemed genuinely interested in my work, no matter the genre. She's coming to my booksigning on Sunday (day after tommorrow) to take pictures.

I worry, of course, that I sounded like a half-witted goober. Anxious for the article. I'll let you know the outcome.

When all is said and done, I was myself. What is, is. Have you ever been interviewes for any reason? How did it go?


FeyRhi said…
If you were just yourself, then you so have nothing to worry about. *G*

I look forward to hearing the results
Mary Stella said…
I'm sure you were terrific, B.

I frequently am interviewed for my day job and also have many less formal conversations with reporters and writers. It is absolutely natural to be a little self-conscious about what you say. You did the right thing in preparing yourself with mental bullet points.

However, it always is good to remember that no matter how good a job you do, the writer will frequently mess up, quote you incorrectly, or, sometimes, just pull stuff you never said out of thin air. I've had that happen several times and when I read the finished article, I just have to shake my head and wonder where they think they go their info -- Cause some of the things I've seen attributed to me never ever came out of my mouth.

I bet you did a great job.
I look forward to seeing a copy!
Bethany said…
Hey, I get interviewed somewhat often for work. And then, of course when looking for new employment. You'd be surprised what *being yourself* can do... only goo!

Can't wait to hear the report!

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