Had My Cake And Ate it Too

As I mentioned this morning, today was the official release day for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE. I've been so nutso busy that I sort of lost track of that fact until I was driving to work this morning. Then I realized, today is February 1. The day. A special day. Yet here I was heading into the library for a normal work day.

Le' sigh.

I put it out of my head and business went as usual until about 10:45am. My boss, branch director, Sue Wick, strolled in saying, "Special delivery!" Beth (the other Beth) and Denise gathered around and they all congratulated me on the release of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE! The special delivery was a cake with the cover of ELE somehow painted on! It was from all of my co-workers at the Brigantine Library and I have to say I was extremely touched. My special day was now truly special. Thankfully we took pictures, because let me tell you we are all sweet lovers, so it's not like the cake was going to stay in tact for long!

I'm blessed to be working with such kind and supportive people. People who love books as much as me. Shouting out to Sue, Beth, Alicia, Lesa, Denise, Jean Marie, Doris, and Taylor.... Thank you!!!!


Jordan Summers said…
Beth, That is so very cool. Congratulations on your book release! :D
Cynthia said…
How cool! Congratulations on the new book!

The cake, I know how they do that, we've had it done for a couple family cakes. You take a photo in and have it scanned with edible ink onto the cake.
Beth Ciotta said…
Jordan, it WAS cool and ... yummy. :0)

Cynthia, thanks for the clarification. Edible ink. Who would have thought? I confess ... I peeled that part away before eating. Who knew? Well, now I do. :)
RAC said…
Wow, may I transfer to your library? Congratulations!
Brooks C. said…
Congratulations on another release. Pretty soon you're going to have... well, you know, I can't count that high!

The CAKE! Librarians are some of the coolest people in the world!
Tori Lennox said…
That is so cool!!! You have awesome coworkers!!!
flchen1 said…
Woohoo!! Congrats again, Beth!! And what awesome co-workers you have!! Have to go out and get my own copy! :) (I did go buy one of the last copies of the Romantic Times with your story contribution--can't wait to enjoy it :))
Jennifer Elbaum said…
How "sweet" of them!

Congrats and wishing you mega-sales!
Beth Ciotta said…
Richard, I totally lucked out. I work with an amazingly nice staff.

Brooks, from your mouth to, well, you know (LOL)... too many books to count would be a dream come true.

Tori, it was cool. VERY cool! Tasted good, too. ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
flcen1, as always thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy the magazine's round robin short story. And especially hope you enoy Evie's second adventure.

Jen, thanks a mil! :)
Beth, Congratulations on your new release YaY!

WoW! That is a very beautiful cake Thank you for taking a picture and sharing with us. That was very sweet of your co-workers.

Bethany said…
Oh this is so much fun! Congrats girl!

So sorry I have been MIA for a while. Family trauma, life getting in the way. All the good stuff. BUT this book--so on my to buy list right now! Loved ALL ABOUT EVIE. This one is gonna be just as good or better. I know it!

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