Cool Beans

I received notice from that this blog has been reviewed and rated and deemed excellent!

Um. Wow. Really?

"We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 9.3 score. (out of 10!) Your blog is currently in the top ten in the Entertainment/Books & Literature category of"


Well, gee. Thank you! Seriously! Because I've been beating myself up rearding the infrequency of my posts. Not to mention they've lacked zing. In my opinion anyway. But hey, since if you're happy, I'm happy.


Cool beans!

So maybe the aforementioned 'lamp' can be my reward? *g*


Jen Baum said…
Congrats Beth!

I say "go for the lamp!"
flchen1 said…
Sweet!! Yay, Beth! It's always great to be recognized, and even more so when you weren't so sure you were doing so hot ;) Of course, we all know how fantastic you and your blog are, and yippee for some acknowledgment you can enjoy!
FeyRhi said…
Very cool Beth!!

I think that the lamp would be a great reward. Personally I'm eyeballing the inflatable version that sits in your front yard. LOL

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