It's been a wonderful and weird few days. More on that tomorrow. Popping in for the moment to mention (as any regular visitors will notice), I'm in the process of a blog makeover. I lost my link list and book covers and such, but eventually (read: after I re-enter) the info will reappear. Meanwhile... this blog is a work in progress.

Bear with me.

Okay. So I added my book covers and personal links. And I even learned how to add my book promo video for Everybody Loves Evie! Woo-hoo! However I lost my profile photo and can't get it to upload. And I have my whole blog roll to re-enter, so.... still a WIP.

Slowly making my way through re-loading my blogroll. Still couldn't upload a professional headshot. So suddenly the file is too big? My guess, as a candid photo uploaded just fine. Grrr. A mystery I'll attempt to solve tomorrow. Like I needed another WIP to invade my dreams. What is wrong with me? I do so love the change though. *g* This kind of change anyway.


flchen1 said…
Ooh... Beth, I love the new look! I liked the previous look, too, but this one is sort of a sultrier sexy! I'm also a sucker for the chocolate-y color scheme. Mmm... Hope you'll get a chance to relax now that it's all beautiful! ;) (And thanks--I'll have to hit a B&N or something soon for the magazine!)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi flchen1! Thank you for the thumbs up. I like the look, too. How funny. I also thought about chocolate!

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