Share Your Dream Job - Win A Book!

In less than two weeks the second book in The Chameleon Chronicles--EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE--hits the shelves. I am beyond excited!

I've had so many nice letters from readers who read ALL ABOUT EVIE, saying they couldn't wait for the next installment. Now, it's almost here and I'm anxious and excited, hoping those same readers, as well as those new to the series, will be over-the-moon pleased when they start turning those pages.

I know I had a grand time getting Evie's adventure's out of my head and onto the paper. I recently received my author's copies of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE and I'm so eager to share this tale with someone now, I'm offering up a signed copy in advance of the official release to one enthusiastic reader. (read an excerpt here) That reader could be you! All you have to do is comment to this post and share your 'dream job'. (winner TBA on Wednesday 1/23)

A former professional performer, Evie rediscovered passion and purpose when she teamed up with former con-artist Arch Duvall and government agent Milo Beckett to foil the scam-artists who prey on the weak and vulnerable. It's her 'dream job' come true. What's yours?

"The talented Ciotta's latest Evie book is one that new readers will jump into easily. Likewise, fans will be thrilled to re-enter the engaging world of this spunky, lovable heroine. After all, everybody loves a skillfully characterized, humorously narrated and undeniably well-plotted novel." -- Romantic Times BOOKreviews -- 4 1/2 stars ~~ TOP PICK!


robynl said…
My dream job would be:
a buyer for a store/company that sells 'unique' items from all over the world. I would go to trade shows all over the world and put in orders for the store.
Flying, lovely hotel rooms, limo service, dining with CEO's - what more could I ask for!!!
Brooks said…
My dream job:
Traveling as an investigator with The Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S., SciFi Channel). With my knowledge of magic, mentalism, and spiritualistic scams, I could keep the team from falling prey to phony hauntings.

Travel, Motel 6's, long hours reviewing audio and video, semi-celebrity status, and the chance to meet a ghost or two - Whoopee!
flchen1 said…
Wow, hooray, Beth! Can't believe it's almost out! Yay!!

Hmm... dream job... I've always loved reading, and I used to be an editor for an educational software company, which was OK. Recently I've been wondering whether I might be able to switch focus and get into editing books (romance, ideally!)... it sounds pretty dreamy to me, but I know reality might not be all terrific stories with red pen in hand ;) But all those books! And all those wonderful authors! Anyway, my days are still pretty full chasing the kids, so I haven't done anything about this--but since you asked! :)

Congrats on the imminent release, Beth! Woohoo!
anne said…
My dream job would be the ultimate. I would love to be a travel writer and have the opportunity to travel to all the wonderful far flung places that I have never experienced. What a memorable and interesting life.
Congratulations and all the best on your release.
ruth said…
Congrats on this wonderful book!

A dream job that I had always wanted was to be a food reviewer. To sample dinners, lunches and revel in the delightful array. Being given the royal treatment would be lovely.
petite said…
The job that I always dreamt about and would have loved to have was a book buyer. Attending worldwide book fairs, travel to different libraries all over the country and visting bookstores would be like a dream come true.
Congrats on the new release.
ellie said…
A dream job: Being a companion to a wealthy and considerate woman who would travel and have a permanent home in a wonderful climate and locale.
Beth Ciotta said…
I just want to say that I have enjoyed reading about ALL of these dream jobs. And, honestly, any one of them sound lovely!

Although I must confess, Brooks's 'ghost hunter' and Anne's 'travel writer' strike a personal chord with moi. Not that that will have any bearing on choosing the winner. Winner WILL be chosen at random!

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