A Drive By Ramble

I'm baaaack. Actually, not really back so much as driving by and blabbing a few random thoughts. Don't expect clever or thought-provoking. I'd need a full brain for that, instead, brain full. Brain tired. Brain dead. Almost. I'm using the last few sparking cells to blog tonight. As for those random thoughts...

*I haven't been around because I've been working and writing and promoting and, for at least a few hours a night, sleeping. Oh, and I started exercising again which is good except it's time I could've spent blogging. Ah, well.

*Although the official release for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE isn't until Friday, it's already available at Amazon and BN.com. And apparently it's in a few brick and mortor stores too! My sister, Barb called me two nights ago with a sighting at the Barnes and Noble in Milwalkee, Wisconsin! My co-worker and friend, Beth, called last night to say she saw ELE (and bought it) at the Borders in Mays Landing in NJ (my almost local store)! So if you happen to see EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE, please chime in and let me know where. How exciting!

*Tonight I received my first email from a reader regarding EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE. I truly appreciate everyone who takes time to write and share their thoughts, especially the good kind! Thankfully 'Cindy' enjoyed the read and added... "I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I hope that you have planned some “action” with Milo." To which I say, you betcha! Working up to that on the current Evie adventure. Speaking of...

*Thanks to a fantastic suggestion from the previously mention 'Beth', the third book in the Chameleon Chronicles has an official name. We were pretty set on another, but this one rocked not only my socks, but those of my editor and the marketing team. Hence I am currently writing: EVIE EVER AFTER Love, love, love that title for many reasons. Thank you, Beth Bliss!

*Last night I received an email from NovelSpot alerting me to a new review for ROMANCING THE WEST. "Kudos to Ms. Beth Ciotta; she has penned an exciting, extremely interesting, complex novel that has a host of characters and a truly multifaceted storyline...." The review was finely written and put a big ol' smile on my face. You can read the rest here.

*Tonight when I got home from work, my husband handed me an official looking letter and said, "Congratulations!" Remember a couple of months ago when I took that government test (a two hour brain-buster) in hopes of earning a promotion at the library. Well.... I passed!! Woo-hoo! I am now a Senior Library Assistant!

In additon to being a contracted author.

Speaking of.... it's back to the hermit cave. See you.... whenever.


Mary Stella said…
Congratulations on ALL your good news, Beth!!!
flchen1 said…
So much great news, Beth!! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us! Congrats on earning your new promotion, and on your new release (will let you know when I spy it on the shelves!) and on the great reviews! Now go rest up and write, you newly promoted published author, you!
charleneteglia said…
Congrats, Beth! And yes, taking care of yourself does come before blogging. Will keep my eyes open for Evie!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, ladies!! Busy times but GOOD times. :)

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