Creating with the Big Boys

Back in September, Faygie Levy, Executive Editor of Romantic Times BOOKreviews, wrote and invited me to participate in a Round-Robin-style Valentine short story for the magazine's February issue. (Thank You, Faygie!) I was thrilled and honored and, of course, said, "Count me in!"

Then a month or so later, she sent me the story-in-progress and I got a gander at the other contributing authors. Holy wow! Again I was thrilled and honored, but now I was also shaking in my boots. Not only because I admire these writers, but because I was collaborating (in a way) and felt the pressure to deliver something equally wonderful. We're talking some clever, wacky writing.

Starting the story off... none other than the fabulously funny Jennifer Crusie! Followed contributions by equally awesome authors Stephanie Bond, Sandra Hill, Erin McCarthy, Judi McCoy, Cindy Cruciger, Katie MacAlister and Charlaine Harris! I added on after Charlaine (oh, the pressure!), paving the way for Michele Bardsley and MaryJanice Davidson (whose portions I haven't read yet) and then the story is wrapped up by the originator-Jen Crusie.

Considering the above listed talent, can you blame me for being nervous? Regardless, I am over-the-moon that I had the opportunity to create with the 'Big Boys' and do hope that readers enjoy the weird and wacky result. Subscribers may already have their copy, otherwise the Feb. issue hits stands in, well, February. Be on the look out and enjoy!


flchen1 said…
That's SO awesome, Beth! I'm not too familiar with this publication, but I'll have to seek this copy out! Yay, you! (Look at you, getting to be one of the "big boys"--wait, that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean!)
Anonymous said…
What a unique and exciting opportunity Beth! I'm sure you did a great job!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Sounds like fun!
Barb said…
Shut Up! Jennifer Crusie?!?! Now you have completely wowed me!!
Beth Ciotta said…
You should be able to find a copy of RT at any major chain bookstore, flchen1. Great reviews and fun articles about romance and mystery authors. Enjoy!

Very exciting opportunity, Roni. I was thrilled!

It was fun, Jenn... and a challenge.

I know, Barb. Cool, huh? :)

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