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A Drive By Ramble

I'm baaaack. Actually, not really back so much as driving by and blabbing a few random thoughts. Don't expect clever or thought-provoking. I'd need a full brain for that, instead, brain full. Brain tired. Brain dead. Almost. I'm using the last few sparking cells to blog tonight. As for those random thoughts...

*I haven't been around because I've been working and writing and promoting and, for at least a few hours a night, sleeping. Oh, and I started exercising again which is good except it's time I could've spent blogging. Ah, well.

*Although the official release for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIEisn't until Friday, it's already available at Amazon and And apparently it's in a few brick and mortor stores too! My sister, Barb called me two nights ago with a sighting at the Barnes and Noble in Milwalkee, Wisconsin! My co-worker and friend, Beth, called last night to say she saw ELE (and bought it) at the Borders in Mays Landing in NJ (my almost lo…

A Winner and an Interview

This morning I drew a name out of a hat ( I have many....hats, not names) and RUTH is the winner of a signed copy of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE! Congratulations, Ruth. Please email at and let me know where to send your gift.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with thier dream job. They all sounded fantastic to me!

On another note, Marisa and Maria of Romance Novel TVwrote to tell me I was being featured this week along with author Rhonda Pollero in a fun video they produced out of footage shot at the NJRW Conference. Thank you, ladies! Check this out!

Share Your Dream Job - Win A Book!

In less than two weeks the second book in The Chameleon Chronicles--EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE--hits the shelves. I am beyond excited!
I've had so many nice letters from readers who read ALL ABOUT EVIE, saying they couldn't wait for the next installment. Now, it's almost here and I'm anxious and excited, hoping those same readers, as well as those new to the series, will be over-the-moon pleased when they start turning those pages. I know I had a grand time getting Evie's adventure's out of my head and onto the paper. I recently received my author's copies of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIEand I'm so eager to share this tale with someone now, I'm offering up a signed copy in advance of the official release to one enthusiastic reader. (read an excerpt here) That reader could be you! All you have to do is comment to this post and share your 'dream job'. (winner TBA on Wednesday 1/23)A former professional performer, Evie rediscovered passion and purpose when sh…


A friend who excels at blogging (and other things) once suggested that when I'm buried in work (like I am now) I should dig into my archives and reprint something of interest. I searched the archives of my old Bravenet blog and found this ever timely post about 'hecklers'. Enjoy.

January 2006

I gigged at Bally's Wild West last night. I only sing once a month now, so I was pleased when I walked into the lounge to find a pretty full house. It can be pretty deadsville in the casino lounges during winter months. The sound (audio) was good last night, the audience happy and receptive . . .

All but one woman. One miserable, slightly inebriated woman who thought it was perfectly acceptable to march up to the stage and insult my performance to my face while I was trying to do my job. (Shades of my "You Suck" story, only worse.) We'd just ended a song and I was talking to the smiling, appreciative audience, yet she stood there, intent to share her negative opinion. …


Sorry I've been absent. Suffering from a lingering chest cold and something I very rarely ever wrestle with....

Writer's Block.
Given my looming deadline, this is not good. It's complicated by the upcoming release of EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE. I'm coordinating promo. I'm excited about this book getting into the hands of readers. I'm googling reviews. Checking my pre-sale rankings numbers. Must stop. Must concentrate on the manuscript of the moment. The story is in my head. I just have to get it out. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies/sceenplays: SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE. Written by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard. When the movie starts, Will is horribly blocked. He's been payed to write a play. The people who 'contracted' him want to know where it is with the project. His standard reply? (tapping his forehead) "It's all in here." I'll be away for a couple (possibly few) days getting my act together. In the meantime hop over to Emmy award-w…

A Kid at Heart

This scene greeted me when I came downstairs yesterday. Thank goodness the camera was nearby. Is this a Kodak moment, or what? Even as a young dog, Billie never went for balls, frisbees or squeaky toys. She always glommed onto my stuffed animals. Fourteen years later... some things never change.

Dear Frankie -- The Emotional Connection

In between dancing my butt off at Mary Stella’sbirthday party Saturday night, I visited with friends, old and new, many of whom I only see at writers’ conferences. So, not very often, certainly not often enough.

At one point talk turned to movies. I brought up Gerard Butlerto Terri Brisbin, knowing she’s a mega fan like me. She recently saw P.S I Love You and gave Kate Duffyand me her glowing recommendation. I asked if she’d seen him in a more obscure film called Shattered? More Gerard Butler talk ensued and Kate said, “But his best film is Dear Frankie.” Terri and I gasped and clutched our hearts. I said, “The. Hottest. Kiss. Ever!”

Both Kate and Terri agreed and we excitedly discussed certain aspects of the film—including that KISS.

Last night I remembered I blogged about Dear Frankiea couple of years ago. I tracked it down at my old blog and the content also reminded me of a discussion I had with Cyndi on Sunday about movies and connecting with the characters. I’d like to share that p…

Wonderful and Wonky

Perhaps you've noticed I'm giving my blog a makeover. It's a work in progress so pardon my dust. I'm still inputting links for my blog roll and I can't get my professional headshot to upload to my profile (maybe the file's too big?), but I'm getting there. The one new feature that I discovered and love is the tool in the sidebar that allowed me to upload my book promo video. Very cool. And a slideshow allows me to feature random shots of 'couples in love'. Also cool (though some are quite hot--yowza).

Anyhoo, no, I don't have time to fiddle with this WIP when a very important WIP is due almost ASAP. But I came down with a horrible chest cold and I couldn't focus and write yesterday, so at least this makeover was productive. Maybe it's the New Year, a new feeling that grows stronger every day that I've entered a new phase of my life, but I've been itching to makeover this blog, my website, and myself. Undecided on the 'look'…


It's been a wonderful and weird few days. More on that tomorrow. Popping in for the moment to mention (as any regular visitors will notice), I'm in the process of a blog makeover. I lost my link list and book covers and such, but eventually (read: after I re-enter) the info will reappear. Meanwhile... this blog is a work in progress.

Bear with me.

Okay. So I added my book covers and personal links. And I even learned how to add my book promo video for Everybody Loves Evie! Woo-hoo! However I lost my profile photo and can't get it to upload. And I have my whole blog roll to re-enter, so.... still a WIP.

Slowly making my way through re-loading my blogroll. Still couldn't upload a professional headshot. So suddenly the file is too big? My guess, as a candid photo uploaded just fine. Grrr. A mystery I'll attempt to solve tomorrow. Like I needed another WIP to invade my dreams. What is wrong with me? I do so love the change though. *g* This kind of chan…

Creating with the Big Boys

Back in September, Faygie Levy, Executive Editor of Romantic Times BOOKreviews, wrote and invited me to participate in a Round-Robin-style Valentine short story for the magazine's February issue. (Thank You, Faygie!) I was thrilled and honored and, of course, said, "Count me in!"
Then a month or so later, she sent me the story-in-progress and I got a gander at the other contributing authors. Holy wow! Again I was thrilled and honored, but now I was also shaking in my boots. Not only because I admire these writers, but because I was collaborating (in a way) and felt the pressure to deliver something equally wonderful. We're talking some clever, wacky writing.
Starting the story off... none other than the fabulously funny Jennifer Crusie! Followed contributions by equally awesome authors Stephanie Bond, Sandra Hill, Erin McCarthy, Judi McCoy, Cindy Cruciger, Katie MacAlisterand Charlaine Harris! I added on after Charlaine (oh, the pressure!), paving the way for Michele…

A Beautiful Turning Point

Last night for the first time in many years, I did not have a New Years Eve gig. There was a time I would have been depressed about that. Gigs pay twice, some times three times, as much on the party night of the year. Every performer in the universe works on New Years Eve.

From the time I was fourteen and performing professionally, I spent most New Years Eves on a stage singing with a band. I can't tell you how many times we followed up Auld Lang Syne with Prince's "We're gonna party like it's 1999!"

I did not sing that song last night.

Nor did I perfom in a choregraphed dance routine and then later create hoopla with the guests of a casino's high roller party.

Nor did I emcee a casino sweepstakes like I did last year. Read about the twelve-hour nightmare here.
No, yesterday, after working a short day at the library, I came home and treated myself to Chinese take-out (my fave), edited a few chapters of an upcoming release, then spent a quiet evening with m…