Snow and Buzz

After a couple of months of freakishly warm weather, winter arrived last night here in New Jersey. This morning we have an inch or two of snow and last I looked the temp was 18 degrees. Brrr. But it sure is pretty.

Last night I also received the final edit of the book video promo created for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE (coming 2/08 from HQN) by Andy Schlee and Ray Adler (Media Creative Group). These two media and tech wizards came up with something really unique. I'm thrilled with the result and will let you know as soon as it's 'live'.

Ack! Look at the time. I'm off for a day at the library and then a night of writing. Although I enjoy the beauty of snow and ice, can't say I'm looking forward to navagating the roads. I'm not the best of drivers in ideal weather, so you can imagine. What about you? Are you intimidated by snow and ice or are you a gifted all-weather driver?


Bob said…
I'm an extremely gifted, all-weather driver. Unfortunately, my car does not always share the sentiments. We had our snow yesterday, too, a little today. We have a slight upgrade coming out of the garage to the street. Because I didn't shovel the driveway right away, the snow turned to ice, so I couldn't back out of the driveway without getting a running start from inside the garage.

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