Riding the Train to Nowhere

I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged. Wait a minute... Yes, I can. Every day, I thought, "I should post something", but, A: I couldn't think of anything interesting to share or, B: I didn't have time. Actually, there's a C: I can't focus.

This extends to my WIP as well as my blog. Oh, and, Christmas shopping and housecleaning. So, basically, I feel like I accomplished very little over the past week. Like I'm go, go, going, but not getting anywhere.

Yesterday, a co-worker at the library mentioned her uncharacteristic inability to focus on work. She blamed the holiday season. Maybe that's my problem. Wanting to enjoy the holiday season versus making major progress in my work. Except... I haven't enjoyed or excelled at anything. I'm just unfocused. Chugging along on a train to nowhere.

Meanwhile...Tomorrow, I'm the guest blogger at the Romance Junkies Blog. Must write that post.

Today is my only day off until the upcoming weekend. Must buy a few gifts. Mary's coming for a visit Saturday. Must clean house. (Or at least the guest room!)

I can think of three writing/promotion deadlines off the top of my head that I must meet this week. Holy cow. Where has the time gone? Why am I rambling, essentially blogging my 'To Do' list instead of attending it?

Must. Focus.

If you don't hear from me for another few days. You'll know why. If anyone else is feeling 'unfocused', please do share. I'd feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one.

Quote for the day...

"The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time." ~~Mozart


Mary Stella said…
B, yesterday I felt like I was busier on my day off than I was during the work week. Considering how overwhelmed I am with work projects right now, that's saying something! I experienced that blurry, out of focus feeling at the supermarket. Today is the day I bake a bunch of breads to give to co-workers as a holiday treat. While shopping yesterday, I had to keep returning to aisles in which I'd already shopped because I'd forgotten an item on my list. It took me twice as long to complete the trip as it should have! I only hope I don't forget a key ingredient during any of the actual baking today!
flchen1 said…
Ugh, yes, Beth, I think I'm on this train, too... get me off, please! ;)
Crystal* said…
Huh? What were you saying???

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