The Magic

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve. You wouldn't know it from the weather. At least not here in New York. I know the Midwest got pummeled with snow. But here it's sunny, dry and 45 degrees. Can you say unseasonably warm?

The last few days have been a mad rush of work, traveling, and shopping. I received edits back from one of my publishers on Saturday, so I've been attacking those in bits in between shopping and visiting with my husband's family. I'm not sure if it's the warm weather or the fact that I'm still working or the mad rush of it all, but I've yet to catch the Christmas spirit. I haven't even watched one Christmas movie yet, and I'm a Christmas movie nut. So sad.

I'd venture that the zany, wondrous feeling one associates with Christmas time is connected to being a child, or having children. But my neighbor, who's single and childless has more Christmas spirit than ten kids put together. So I'm thinking it's just me. Somehow I've lost touch with the magic of Christmas. I think I know the problem. I could write a story about it. Hmmm. Maybe, I will.

Meanwhile, this morning I'm reflecting on what that 'magic' used to feel like and it's all wrapped up in the wonder of one word. BELIEVE.

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday full of wonder and joy!


Tori Lennox said…
Our weather has been crazy. It's supposed to be 53 tomorrow. Hello? It's Christmas, for Pete's sake!

I hope you and yours have a lovely holiday, Beth! :)
Jordan Summers said…
Merry Christmas, Beth!!! :)
flchen1 said…
Have a warm and wonderful Christmas, Beth--enjoy some time with your terrific husband, and just appreciate the joyful times :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you, Tori. Hope your holiday is lovely as well. Last night, I had a very nice night with Steve's extended family. A big Italian affair with lots of good food and company. Unfortunately I woke up with a cold! So it'll be a lazy Christmas Day for me. As for the weather, colder today, but still no snow!
Beth Ciotta said…
Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jordan!

flchen1, I'm kicking back today to appreciate the joyous company. Hope you have a fabulous day with your lovely family!

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