Let the Good News Roll

Last night I posted that I'd been hit by an avalanche of good news, but I didn't specify the news. I didn't mean to be a tease. I was absorbing the news and recovering from the holidays. As I also mentioned, I have resolved to stop and smell the roses, to celebrate my accomplishments in 2008 rather than go through another entire year with my head buried in work. Seriously. What good is achieving, or in my case, exceeding my dreams if I'm not going to revel in the magic.

My dream was to write entertaining tales, to have them published, and for people to read and enjoy my stories. I would have achieved my dream with one book in print. I am blessed to have several in print and more on the way. Everything else... good reviews, fan letters, awards... is a bonus. The cherry on top. I'm currently rolling in cherries. I'll share them with you over the next couple of days. The first serving is a double dip.
I just learned that both of my 2007 release--ALL ABOUT EVIE and ROMANCING THE WEST--have been nominated for.... drum roll please....

Romantic Times 2007 Reviewers' Choice Awards!

Best Book Reviewers' Choice Awards honor the best books of the year. The winners and nominees are selected by our staff of over 50 reviewers representing the readers' voice in the women's fiction industry.

All About Evie is up for Best Contemporary Romance of 2007!

Romancing the West is up for Best Small Press Book of 2007!

I adore both of these books and I am thrilled that they have both been nominated. It's especially fulfilling as one is contemporary/1st person and the other historical/3rd person. Two different animals. How flattering and exciting that both appealed to the reviewers of Romantic Times! A double honor! I still can't believe my good fortune.


Jordan Summers said…
Congratulations Beth!!! Wonderful news. Now share the rest. ;)
Jennifer Elbaum said…
That's amazing Beth! Mega congrats! What a fabulous way to wrap up the year.
Anonymous said…
Beth, this is super! And totally well-deserved! Congratulations!
flchen1 said…
Beth, that is AWESOME!! Congrats, and I can't believe you have MORE great news on top of this! What a year! :)
Tori Lennox said…
Awesome news!!! Congratulations!!!
Barb said…
Congratulations! And here I thought you were going to announce a collaboration with me!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for sharing in my excitement everyone. i am truly thrilled.

Jordan... Will do. Soon. :)

Barb.... Is that a hint? :)

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