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More Good (exciting) News!

Jordan asked that I spill the rest of my good news. I'm savoring. So I'm not going to spill it all at once. (Imagine me stroking a Snidely Whiplash-like moustache. Heh. So evil.)

On Christmas Eve I received an email from a friend congratulating me on the 4 1/2 star review in Romantic Times BOOKreview magazine for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE!
Two days later, I visited the Romantic Times websiteand saw (It comes around in the rotation of the main left box) that Everybody Loves Evie is also a February TOP PICK!
This is a HUGE honor. One I do not take lightly. One hopes for a favorable review. This is a great review. A review that pleased my agent and editor and had me doing backflips. Well, not real backflips because I'm not that limber anymore... but you get the picture. My editor (waving to Keyren) reminded me that this is two in a row. ALL ABOUT EVIEreceived the same honor.
Fourteen years ago, I dreamed of writing books, of entertaining readers, but I never imagined being nominat…

Let the Good News Roll

Last night I posted that I'd been hit by an avalanche of good news, but I didn't specify the news. I didn't mean to be a tease. I was absorbing the news and recovering from the holidays. As I also mentioned, I have resolved to stop and smell the roses, to celebrate my accomplishments in 2008 rather than go through another entire year with my head buried in work. Seriously. What good is achieving, or in my case, exceeding my dreams if I'm not going to revel in the magic.

My dream was to write entertaining tales, to have them published, and for people to read and enjoy my stories. I would have achieved my dream with one book in print. I am blessed to have several in print and more on the way. Everything else... good reviews, fan letters, awards... is a bonus. The cherry on top. I'm currently rolling in cherries. I'll share them with you over the next couple of days. The first serving is a double dip.
I just learned that both of my 2007 release--ALL ABOUT EVIE and R…

An Avalanche of Good News

I don't know where to begin. What to share first. I received an avalanche of good news over a two day period. I'm... overwhelmed. Plus, I had some other exciting news that I've been holding back. Everything falls into that "Is this really happening to me?" category. All related to publishing and, quite frankly, to things I don't dream of or hope for so when they happen... wow.

I'm recovering from a cold and holiday madness. Trying to get my thoughts together. One of my New Year's resolutions is to stop and smell the roses. Maybe I'll get a jump start and share one bit of good news per day. Revel in each joy thoroughly before steamrolling ahead. Yeah. That sounds good.

Stay tuned!

The Magic

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve. You wouldn't know it from the weather. At least not here in New York. I know the Midwest got pummeled with snow. But here it's sunny, dry and 45 degrees. Can you say unseasonably warm?
The last few days have been a mad rush of work, traveling, and shopping. I received edits back from one of my publishers on Saturday, so I've been attacking those in bits in between shopping and visiting with my husband's family. I'm not sure if it's the warm weather or the fact that I'm still working or the mad rush of it all, but I've yet to catch the Christmas spirit. I haven't even watched one Christmas movie yet, and I'm a Christmas movie nut. So sad.
I'd venture that the zany, wondrous feeling one associates with Christmas time is connected to being a child, or having children. But my neighbor, who's single and childless has more Christmas spirit than ten kids put together. So I'm thinking it's just…

Candy and Cookies and Snacks--Oh, My!

'Tis the season and many of our loyal patrons at the library are gifting us (the staff) with candy, cookies, and assorted festive snacks--many of the offering homemade. I knew I was in trouble when my boss told me it was safer to eat three of the bakery sugar cookies as opposed to one of the homemade cookies--as the homemade concoction was all sugar and butter and chococolate and toffee and ... well, really fattening. She knew as she had asked for the recipe a few years back. Of course that didn't stop her from making her own batch. Nor did it stop me (or any of us) from eating a couple. Oh, my, God. Heaven.

Then there was the homemade chocolate fudge and the peanut butter cup tucked in a chocolate chip cookie. *drool* I'm trying to practice restraint. A nibble here and there. But, gosh, it's hard! I keep telling myself it's once a year. I don't eat sweets like that year round. Once a year or not, I'm sure I'll regret the nibbling January 2 and ten pou…

Guest Blogging Today

I've been invited to be a guest blogger at Romance Junkies. Click herefor a dose of inspiration and be sure to chime i with your own thoughts on Living Your Dream!

Riding the Train to Nowhere

I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged. Wait a minute... Yes, I can. Every day, I thought, "I should post something", but, A: I couldn't think of anything interesting to share or, B: I didn't have time. Actually, there's a C: I can't focus.

This extends to my WIP as well as my blog. Oh, and, Christmas shopping and housecleaning. So, basically, I feel like I accomplished very little over the past week. Like I'm go, go, going, but not getting anywhere.

Yesterday, a co-worker at the library mentioned her uncharacteristic inability to focus on work. She blamed the holiday season. Maybe that's my problem. Wanting to enjoy the holiday season versus making major progress in my work. Except... I haven't enjoyed or excelled at anything. I'm just unfocused. Chugging along on a train to nowhere.

Meanwhile...Tomorrow, I'm the guest blogger at the Romance Junkies Blog. Must write that post.

Today is my only day off until the upcoming week…

And Now For Something Really Special...

It's been a busy week. Work, writing, and various promo projects monopolized my time. But it's all good! Unfortunately, we've hit a glitch uploading the 'flash' (amazing looking) book promo video for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE(created by artistic tech wizards, Ray Adler and Andy Schlee) onto my website. Target date for the official launch is now next week. However, until then I can post a Yahoo version. Be sure to turn up your sound as this promo vid features a voiceover. Yes, it's me as Evie. Surely you're not surprised.

Snow and Buzz

After a couple of months of freakishly warm weather, winter arrived last night here in New Jersey. This morning we have an inch or two of snow and last I looked the temp was 18 degrees. Brrr. But it sure is pretty.

Last night I also received the final edit of the book video promo created for EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE (coming 2/08 from HQN) by Andy Schlee and Ray Adler (Media Creative Group). These two media and tech wizards came up with something really unique. I'm thrilled with the result and will let you know as soon as it's 'live'.

Ack! Look at the time. I'm off for a day at the library and then a night of writing. Although I enjoy the beauty of snow and ice, can't say I'm looking forward to navagating the roads. I'm not the best of drivers in ideal weather, so you can imagine. What about you? Are you intimidated by snow and ice or are you a gifted all-weather driver?

A Day Off and a Fresh Start

After months of juggling the writing gig, library gig, and once-in-a-blue-moon entertainment gig, yesterday I took an honest to gosh day off. I actually drove off of this tiny island I call home and on to the mainland. There's a whole world out there!

I started by visiting a dear friend who was recently the victim of a freak accident. Actually two of my dearest friends suffered freak accidents in the same week. Fortunately, both will be okay. My one friend lives across the US, making a day visit impossible, but she's in my thoughts like crazy. The other lives a couple of towns over. I took Christmas cookies. She made the coffee. The visit wasn't near long enough, yet it did wonders for my soul. Nothing tops time with friends and family. Life is too short, folks. Always make time for those you love.

After a teary goodbye, I ran some errands then did some shopping. I must admit I made the shopping trip all about me. I've had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket fo…