Turkeys and Frogs

Thanksgiving is a day for giving, well, thanks. I'm grateful for so much. For my family and friends. For my health. I'm grateful for my wonderful, loving husband and for our crazy, adorable family of pets. I'm grateful for all of the life and work experiences that influence my writing, for my creative spirit, for my publishing career, and for the readers who lose themselves in my adventures.

Best wishes and to you and yours and hoping you are equally blessed.

Should you have a moment, enjoy one of my favorite songs by my all time favorite frog. Something for the dreamer in all of us.


flchen1 said…
Thanks, Beth, and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We have so much to be thankful for :)
Roni said…
Happy Thanksgiving! We're grateful for the books you write and the hours of entertainment we get from them!

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