A Post-Deadline Ramble

* So the book that gave me fits, that consumed my nights and every day off (from the day job) for several months running is done and turned in. Done but not finished. Revisions from my editor forthcoming. Actually looking forward to that moment as I thought of at least four things I neglected to address as I frantically raced to the end. I'm anal. All threads must be tied off! So I noted those four things and posted the note on my inspiration board for very near future reference.

* I'm crunched--super crunched, mega crunched--on the next contracted deadline book. Logically I needed to plunge in, er, yesterday. Creatively, I need a period of transition. I'm going from historical western third person to contemporary first person. This next book differs greatly in voice from the one I just finished, plus it's the third in a series. Continuity, ya know? Instead of pressuring myself to write today, I read, or at least began reading, the first book in the series--ALL ABOUT EVIE. I'm so far away from that tale that I had moments where I thought, did I write that? Weird. I'm making relative notes as I go and when I finish AAE, I''ll read the second book--EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE, which isn't even out yet but will be soon! My hope is that at that point I will be so immersed in Evie and all that's happened to her thus far, I'll just roll right into the book I need to be writing now. Working title: CHASING EVIE. I'll let you know if it wins over the HQN marketing team or not.

*Updating my website. One thing I need to add--pictures. In searching for material I came across a few photos that warmed my heart.

Here I am with one of my beloved doggies--Billie. She's getting up there in years, but she's still full of pep. Plus she's a lover. (Though you wouldn't know it from this pic!)

Current favorite blogs--sitcom/screenwriter Ken Levine and novelist, Neil Gaimon. Ken is consistently clever and funny day after day. My mind boggles. Truly. Neil rambles in the most endearing way. Plus, he's so nice. Check out his 11/26 post. One thing is evident in reading Ken and Neil's blogs daily, both men have heart.

*More found photos! Me in New Orleans at Heather Graham's writing conference with two friends. film maker, Scott Perry, and author, Mary Stella.
*In my other life... Tomorrow night I have to take a test. If I pass, I'll gain a promotion from library assistant to senior library assistant. I can't remember the last time I took a written test, and this isn't even one I can study for. Am I nervous? Um... yeah. I'll feel like such a loser if I fail!
*In my other former life as an entertainer, Friday night I have to record a voiceover. A voiceover of special interst for the published moi. Stay tuned for more on that.
Actually, stay tuned period. More ramble forthcoming!


flchen1 said…
Thanks for the update, Beth! It must be interesting to reread your own published work! Is it like talking about yourself in the third person? ;) Take care of yourself! (And great photos!)

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