Post Deadline Ramble -- Part Two

*I can't believe it. I took the test, but I can't talk about it. My job at the library is a government job. All sorts or rules and regulations. One of them being I can't talk about the contents of the test I took tonight (in hopes of gaining a promotion). Well, shoot. Because the experience was actually interesting. Oh, well.

*I got my hair colored and cut today. It looks nothing like this...

This was one of my blonde phases two years ago. It's much longer and darker now, but I digress. I found this picture last night updating my website. This was a very cool moment for me. Steve and I were in London (yes, ENGLAND) and we walked into a bookstore on Charing Cross road. I wigged out when I saw they had a couple of copies of LASSO THE MOON on the shelf. I introduced myself and asked if they allowed stock signings. The bookseller said, "Your Beth Ciotta?" Like I was somebody famous, which I'm not, but boy, did she make me feel special! She said, "Hold on." The manager then came out and said she'd be delighted if I signed copies for the store. Turned out they had something like fifteen more copies in the storage room waiting to come out. I was stunned! Steve snapped this shot of me signing stock. I have to say, it was a very special moment for me. Oh, and those glasses I'm wearing, which I loved...Cheyenne chewed them up not long after we got her. Puppy phase and all that. Glasses. History.
* A friend of mine, a fellow Medallion author, a woman who rocks as a writer and a person, announced some incredibly good news today. Actually an author friend of hers announced her good news in an entertaining and heartfelt way. Click here for the 'visual' congrats via First Offenders. Lori G. Armstrong, award winning mystery author just contratced for two hardcovers with Touchstone. Congratulations, Lori!
*I'll be guest blogging at Romance Junkies on December 17th. No, I don't know my subject matter yet. But I'll think of something. Mark your calender. Come and join me!
*ROMANCING THE WEST is a contender for "Best 2007 Western Romance" at Love Western Romances. Voting begins December 1st. If you read RTW and enjoyed it, please go and vote for the story. I'd be ever so overjoyed to win. Actually go and visit the site regardless. Great site, plus they're giving away cool stuff!
Speaking of ROMANCING THE WEST, I just received a very sweet and enthusastic review commenting on the fact that both, hero and heroine, wore spectacles. Who would have thought such a thing would draw attention? Positive attention? Not me. But, yay!
Wow. Ya know. I can't properly figure all the 'blogger' functions. Whenever I add pictures or quotes everything goes funky. *sigh* Am I still rambling?


Tori Lennox said…
How very bizarre about the test.

But very cool about the books in London!
flchen1 said…
Love the ramble, Beth! What a neat experience you had at that bookstore! And very sorry about the demise of your favored spectacles :( That is funny and neat that the wearing of spectacles by your characters is worthy of comment--as a spectacled reader, I approve :)

Happy Friday!
Beth Ciotta said…
Happy Friday to you, too, flchen1 and waving to Tori as well. Glad you liked my ramble. :)
Marissa Alwin said…
*fingers crossed on the test results!* How awesome I know an international celebrity! *g* and RTW has my vote.


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