On Writing: The Zombie Phase

Me, (third one back on the left) along with various fellow writers currently in 'deadline hell'. Actually, the deadline passed, and still we toil. The brain is beyond mush and still we create. I can't feel my fingers and toes anymore. Is that bad? I think Scott Oden's on board, too. The guy in the back with the specs? Here we are being bussed to.... well, you tell me. Make my day. Caption this picture.


Roni said…
Bus of zombies on the way to a convention. Or maybe, a family reunion!
It looks like the Addams Family!
Scott Oden said…
I'm right there with ya, Zombie-sister Beth. You remember the Kodak commercial with Martin Scorses? The one where he decides to reshoot his grandson's birthday because he's 'lost his narrative focus'? That's me this week. I'm sooooooooo close . . . but everything that comes off the tips of my fingers is complete and utter dreck. What's worse, my internal editor has taken a holiday and is now letting some drunk guy drive the editing bus.

So, I'm taking a few days off. Stepping away before I decide the whole manuscript needs to be re-written . . .

Caption: (perky Zombie tour guide) "And if you look to your left, you'll see . . . more braaaaaaaains!"

Verification word: kapao! Fitting, if you ask me.
RAC said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
RAC said…
"Due to the WGA Writers' Strike, Hollywood producers are bussing in former silent movie actors in an attempt to go scriptless for the duration."

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