On Writing--An Inspiring Thrill

Okay. So yesterday I said I'm no longer obsessive about checking my Amazon ranking. I'm really not. And I know the 'ranking' isn't a good and true indication of how my books are selling overall. It isn't. Still, today when I checked in, I got a unique thrill.

Apparently there are bestseller lists on Amazon. An overall list and genre lists. The list gets updated every hour, so my thrill may only last an hour. Still! I'll take my thrills when and where I can get them, big and small.

As of this day and hour, I hit the Amazon 'romance western' Top 100 bestseller list. Not once, but twice! ROMANCING THE WEST is #37 and its prequel, LASSO THE MOON is #53!! The books ranked higher are by some of my favorite authors, bestselling authors like Linda Lael Miller and Julie Garwood.

Am I floating? Yes, sir! And not because I'm in the zombie-zone. This is especially inspiring as the deadline book I'm crunching on is the last western in the trilogy--THE FALL OF ROME.

Speaking of . . . back to work.


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Congrats Beth!

Here's hoping the thrill energizes you to finish Rome on an equally high note!
Julia Templeton said…
And ditto what Jennifer said ;).
flchen1 said…
Sweet!!! How exciting! And write on! ;)
Bethany said…
You go Beth! Woo hoo! How exciting. Hear's to hoping that your rankings will stay there LONGER than an hour. ;-)

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