Beth Goes Manga

Not really. But that's how I felt when I tripped upon the foriegn covers for three of my books. I knew the Friends and Lovers trilogy--JINXED, CHARMED, and SEDUCED had sold to Thailand awhile back, but I never saw the end results. Ah, the wonders of googling. Below is the Amercian version and Thai version of the covers for JINXED and CHARMED. Unfortunately the file/jpg I found of SEDUCED is too small to post.
In the Thai version of JINXED, the hair colors for Afia and Jake are all wrong, but the overall concept is interesesting.

Is it me? Or did the Thai artist lop twenty years off of Murphy and Lulu? And where's her poodle purse? Gak! Still, it was a kick to see another artist's take on my work.
Okay. Back to work....


flchen1 said…
Those are very interesting, Beth! Funny how a culture's expectations influence appearance, even on book covers!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Thanks for sharing these!
Roni said…
Actually the covers are cool--although I like the originals better. But I think these would attract readers too.

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