On Writing: Dean Koontz

I've read that you will rewrite a page until it's right before moving on, sometimes redoing a draft thirty or forty times. This must make for a slow process. Approximately how long does it take you to write one novel?

I work 10- and 11-hour days because in long sessions I fall away more completely into story and characters than I would in, say, a six-hour day. On good days, I might wind up with five or six pages of finished work; on bad days, a third of a page. Even five or six is not a high
rate of production for a 10- or 11-hour day, but there are more good days than bad.

The above is an excerpt taken from an interview at Novel Journey with Dean Koontz. Click here and scroll down to the 10/26 post. I blinked at this section because, hey, that's my process exactly! Not that I'm afforded many full days to work with but when I do have them--that's how I work best. What he said!

Speaking of, when you visit Mr. Koontz's website 'listen' to his avatar. It's the most entertaining 'welcome' I've ever heard.

Okay. Back to the deadline book...


Jennifer Elbaum said…
You're in good company!
Bethany said…
Holy crap. Seriously. If I wrote that way... um, I'd never be able to finish a book. And 10 - 11 hour days to dedicate to writing? Ha! Not a chance with me! ;-) But then again, I have 2 kids...

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