On the Fly: The Weekend Ramble

Under the weather today. Caring boss and co-workers sent me home early from work. Swung by CVS. Bought soda crackers, ginger ale, Thera-flu, and ... black nail polish.

Once home I medicated, rested, did a load of laundry, rested, organized my costume for tomorrow night's gig, worked on a script for a promotional book video, rested, watched a tv show for the first time this fall--the pilot episode of Journeyman--via my computer (I loved it) ... and painted my fingernails. Black.

Why black, you ask? For tomorrow night's gig, I say. My first character actress gig in a year. A special event party for one of the casinos. I have been asked to appear as someone from Night of the Living Dead. Jeez. That's not even a challenge since, these days, I feel like the walking dead.

But I digress.

Hopefully I will have tales to tell from said gig on Monday. Not Sunday. I'll be bearing down on the deadline book ALL DAY Sunday.

Speaking of deadlines...
My brother-in-law and his lady love gifted me with the most perfect t-shirt ever! Do you think anyone would notice if I wore this shirt every day for the next four months?


flchen1 said…
Awesome t-shirt! (What a thoughtful gift ;)) Yay for you on the gig (which I'm sure will be a blast, even if you feel you bring a little too much familiarity to the role ;))

May you have a tremendously productive Sunday and beat that deadline down! We all have times when things take longer than we'd like--I'm sure the story will benefit from all your extra percolating :)
Cynthia said…
Hope you're feeling better!

Hugs, C
Gabriele C. said…
Do you think anyone would notice if I wore this shirt every day for the next four months?

Only if you don't wash it. :)
Roni said…
I hope you feel better Beth! Let us know how the gig went. I remember seeing Night of the Living Dead on Halloween a year after it came out--a special showing at my college. It was scary! And good luck with the book. You'll have it wrapped up soon, I'm sure.
Beth Ciotta said…
flchen1, it IS an awesome t-shirt. I just love it. The gig did turn out to be a blast. And I did have a productive Sunday. Are you pyshcic? :-)

Cyndi, I'm feeling better. Thank you!
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele... heh. Okay. Drats. SO I'll wash it. :)

Roni, I've never seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Can you believe it? A classic in horror, I know. But I've never been a fan of scary movies. Not even on Halloween. Doesn't mean I didn't have fun pretending to be dead. Hee. See most recent post.

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