On the Fly--Happy Halloween

It's Halloweeeeeen! I'm locked upstairs in my office writing. Steve is downstairs with Billie and Cheyenne (our crazy dogs) distributing candy to some very cute trick-or-treaters. Lest you think I didn't get into the spirit, I put in a full day at the library as . . .

The Cat in the Hat!!

These are my co-workers, Denise and Beth (the other Beth) who came as.... do you see it?

Green Eggs and Ham!!! Ha! Denise,an amazing artist, made her ham hat and Beth's egg glasses, and Beth was full of it (Suessical talk) all day!

Here's another co-worker, Lesa, a wiz(ard) when it comes to even the most obscure research questions.

And our fearless leader, Sue, the most creative and energetic person I've ever met!

For anyone who thinks librarians are quiet, conservative beings... come visit the Brigantine Library some time. Is it an wonder I love my day job?


charleneteglia said…
Adorable. So glad you posted a pic of yourself as the Cat! And the Green Eggs and Ham, priceless.
Roni said…
Great Halloween photos! Thanks for sharing.
Mary Stella said…
You and your co-workers look adorable! What a great idea to work up a Dr. Seuss theme at the library!
flchen1 said…
Those are fantastic photos! And what an awesome Halloween idea :) Thanks for sharing!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi everyone! So glad you enjoyed the photos. We really did have a great time. Thanks for letting me share. Hope you had a great Halloweeeen!
Bethany said…
How GREAT are those costumes? It is no wonder at all why you love working there. ;-) I love the cat in the hat.
barb said…
You look Great!

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