Night of the Living Dead - Part One

I'm baaaack .

Not from deadline hell, unfortunately, but from the dead people zone. Saturday night's gig where I had to assume the non-personality of a zombie went extrememly well. This is the first chance I've had to blog about it, and I don't have much time even now so... Part One.

I can honestly say, I wasn't looking forward to this gig. It had been at least a year and a half since I'd done one of these interactive jobs. No matter what character you play, when you do these particular casino parties you're putting yourself out there in a big way. You're 'on' for approximately three hours with maybe two fifteen minute breaks (if you're lucky). The key is to interact with people one-on-one and as a whole. There is no script, no stage. You're in the trenches improvising. This kind of work isn't for the meek and over the past two years as I've shifted my passion and focus from performing to writing, I have absolutely become more inward. So, like I said.... I was dreading this gig.

Luckily, my (entertainment) agent partnered me with someone I know well--Joe Holiday, a gifted magician, who also sometimes works as an emcee or character actor. The third in our tiny cast was Kris, who I'd never met, but who reminded me of many of my entertainment friends. Warm, outgoing, and hilarious. I knew we were a comfortable trio when I first arrived. The ladies dressing room was filled with several young dancers who'd been hired to do two choreographed routines. I didn't know any of them and they were all being made up by a professional make-up artist. I felt awkward utilizing their space so I asked Joe and Kris if I could join them in their dressing room. It's not like I had to change in front of them. There was a bathroom. An hour in that dressing room, doing our make-up, trading stories and laughs... it felt like old times. Kris asking me if he minded if he changed his pants--No, I didn't mind. It's not like I was looking and besides he was wearing boxer, and--hey--seen it before . Joe trying to help me apply a spider to my chest with spirit gum--it didn't work. Although he did drape me successfully in cobwebs. And much, much more.
Tomorrow Ill try to hit the hghlights of our funny--yes funny--performances, and I'll include pictures wear you can better see our makeup and costumes. But for now I'll leave you with a posed pic that the professional photographer took. Anyone have a caption for this picture?


Mary Stella said…
"Look! Up in the sky! It's a bat, it's a witch, it's . . . SPLAT!"
flchen1 said…
Mary Stella, you made me laugh :)

Beth, no caption thoughts, but you do look pretty amazing!
barb said…
Beth, you look stunning! hmm.. a caption? How about "haunted"

love ya!
Beth Ciotta said…
Ha! Good one, Mary!

flchen1 and Barb, thanks for the thumbs up. I really looked dang horrible. Although that was my intent. :-) You'll see better in the other pics I'll be posting.

AS far as a caption, I'm thinking... "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille."
steve said…
A-Actually, Beth - that's a really great looking picture of you.

Caption: The Monster Mash look on in horror as Dracula in bat form is drawn into a bug zapper.
elsiehogarth said…
Hi Beth!

How about: "Ah, the children of the night, how beautiful they are." and "Come on now, Mom said it's been a long time since she had a family picture."
RAC said…

"Remember when a full moon would get that lunatic the Wolfman howling? Those were the days..."
Beth Ciotta said…
Steve, Elsie, and Richard, LOVE the captions! Thanks for the smile. :-)
Roni said…
Waiting for a full moon on Halloween...
I think you all look super and spooky!

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