Spreading the Word!

Almost a week since I learned ALL ABOUT EVIE is a NJRW Golden Leaf finalist and I'm still dancing on air. Thank you for your warm and enthusiastic cheers of support!

I've recently received emails from readers asking if there will be more of Evie and Arch. I'm guessing they don't read this blog since I blab about it quiet a bit. Heh. Yes, indeed, EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE hits stores February 2008. It's already listed on amazon.com for anyone who wants to pre-order! My brain is already spinning on pre-promotion. How do initiate buzzzz. Hmm.

But before tackling that promo project, I need to concentrate on spreading the word about ROMANCING THE WEST. Though it has been in limited distribution for a couple of months, the official release of this humorous and tender tale is October 1. I participated in an interview for Affaire de Coure Magazine and I heard through the grapevine that issue is now out... though I've yet to see it. If you have, please let me know if I sounded brilliant or idiotic. I'll settle for entertaining.

I was also interviewed by Romance Junkies and was just informed that interview is now live. Check it out!

Petticoats and Pistols, a fun and engaging blog hosted by several mega-talented western writers, kindly listed RTW in their Larkspur Library. Visit their site and browse around. Great reads, great fun. The Sunflower Saloon's a hoot.

One thing I needed and wanted was a supply of bookmarks to celebrate ROMANCING THE WEST. Only this time I wanted something to promote the entire western trilogy--even though THE FALL OF ROME won't be out until 2008. I wanted something eye-catching and timeless. More of a collectible. I contacted Adam Mock, Vice President/Creative Director of Medallion Press. The wonderfully talented artist who designed all of my MP book covers. I told Adam what I had in mind and he designed a special series bookmark for me. Here's a sneak peek! Front and back. I just adore the design! I ordered the bookmarks today and hopefully they'll arrive in the next two weeks.

If you'd like one of these colorful bookmarks--hot out of the shipping box--drop me an email at beth@bethciotta.com include your address. I'll send you a signed bookmark plus three additional bookmarks to share with your friends. Your friend will thank you for the cool bookmark and I'll thank you for spreading the word!

This ends the promotional post of the week. Now it's time to hit the trail and make magic. Which sounds a little better than 'back to deadline hell.'


HelenKay said…
Congratulations on being a finalist!!! That is fabulous news. And, I love the new EVIE cover. Very cute.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you HelenKay. For the congrats and the cover support. I adore that cover, too!
barb said…
The book mark's are great! He did a really nice job on the design.
Gabriele C. said…
The bookmark is fun, but I always feel bad asking for them because it's so expensive to send even a letter to Germany. And the post - both US and ours - tend to lose things.
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb,so glad you like the design. Yup. Adam's Awesome. I'll send you a few. Swear.

Gabriele... don't I know it! Once I need to send something to Brazil. Ack! I couldn't believe the cost. However, I was happy to do it. :)

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