On Writing--Not Blogging

So how many of you checked back earlier this evening looking for a post about New Orleans and my weekend at Heather Graham's Conference? I'm very late with this and it isn't going to be all I'd hoped it would be as I don't really have much . . . you guessed it . . . TIME!


Today was the busiest day EVER at the library. I swear. Even my boss was amazed. There were four of us on staff and we didn't stop, not once in eight hours. After a whirlwind weekend of travel, performing and networking, I wasn't prepared for the chaotic whirlwind that was today. But I survived. And when I got home, Steve surprised me with Chinese take-out. My favorite! Then I came upstairs to write. Had to write. Must write. Deadline looming.

A couple of minutes ago, I realized I was supposed to blog about Heather's conference. The big weekend in New Orleans. Panel workshops. Stage performances. Fabulous parties. Tours of a haunted city! But I've yet to upload the pictures to my computer. Well, that is, I've yet to ask Steve to upload the pictures to my computer as I don't know how. You know me. And I really need to write more on the deadline book instead of blogging. So... posts about New Orleans forthcoming. Stop looking at me that way!



Check back.



RAC said…
I love New Orleans, have you seen some of my pics? Use the Flickr link at my blog to see when the town was still pretty deserted at the first Christmas after Katrina. After your deadline, will you share your photos, too??
flchen1 said…
No, no, just write, just write! You can come back and blog more later :)
Roni Denholtz said…
We forgive you Beth! It's a great thing that you and Heather are helping bring tourism back to New Orleans.

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