On the Fly--New Orleans, Mary and Richard's POV

This is total cheating on my part, but since I'm cramming on the WIP and since my good friend and CP, Mary Stella just informed me that she posted about Heather's conference on her blog... I'm going to ask you to click here for a great run down. Mary and I were practically joined at the hip over the weekend, so ... what she said.

I still intend to write my own post and, yes, I will share some pictures! Meanwhile, Richard Allan Cooper shared this link where you can see his incredible pictures of New Orleans. Check them out! (Thanks, Richard!) And, yes, Mary, I will share the pictures you took of me on stage at the Cat's Meow. (Mary guilted me into singing a song at the world-famous Karaoke Bar. I have to say, I'm glad I caved.)

Meanwhile, back to my WIP because I am in the zone!


RAC said…
Hi Beth,
Thanks for linking my photos of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Just to clarify, they were taken before the first Christmas after Katrina, and most of the streets were deserted and businesses still closed. We were visiting my girlfriend's family in the area, who had lost two homes in the surge in Gulfport, Mississippi.
Mary Stella said…
Richard's pictures are beautiful. I love the perspective, the framing of the shots . . . everything.
RAC said…
Mary, thanks for the high compliments! There are so many good "old world" things about the French Quarter, that I'd seriously live there as a writer if I could!

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