On the Fly--Checking In

Back from New Orleans. Wow. What a weekend. So much to say. So little time. Seriously. I have no time this morning. Cramming on the WIP before work. Instead of one long post, I'll break the the weekend report into a few short ones. Check back this evening for the first installment. In short, the conference (and New Orleans) was a blast. Although I'm still recovering from the intense humidity. Good lord. You southerners are hearty creatures!


Nola-Blog said…
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Nola-Blog said…
Hi Beth ~

I'm so glad you enjoyed the conference in New Orleans! And, that you returned home safely. :) Thanks for understanding that NOLA needs $$$ and visitors to help with the rebuilding process. I can not express how much that historic city means to me.

I have already emailed my appreciation to Heather as well. Also, I will spread the word about the 2008 conference. :)

Peace ~

PO Box 12691
OKC, OK 73157

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