On Reading: Hard-to-Find Books

Last night I completed an interview for Romance Junkies. Tonight I'll be working on an interview for Affaire de Coeure magazine. I'm thrilled to have these opportunities to promote my books, but I worry as I answer each question. Am I interesting? Inspiring? Do I at least sound semi-intelligent? It seemed to me that my 'story voice' and 'interview voice' are two different things. So the fantasy me is more entertaining than the real me? The things I ponder when overly-tired and under-caffeinated.

But I digress.

One of the questions I answered last night had to do with my first sale to Medallion Press. How I felt in that moment. Stunned and dizzy comes close. It made me think of the book that launched my solo career: JINXED. The first in a contemporary trilogy that features recurring characters. A story near and dear to my, and many a reader's, heart. A book that is now--*gasp*--officially out of print in the United States.

JINXED is only three years old, but, sometimes, that's the way of publishing. Many readers are just now discovering my work and are looking to order my backlist. For those who like to read trilogies in order, you may have to work a little harder to find JINXED. There used to be several new and used copies available on Amazon. As of this morning there are only eight and two of those copies are $19.00! Gads! However, six were under $6.00. Four used copies are available at Barnes and Noble.com If you google, surely you can find this whimsical and heart-warming tale at other venues. If you do, please let me know. Meanwhile, here's a blurb and a quote. Curious? Click here for an excerpt and review.
* * *
Luck is a State of Mind...

Born on Friday the 13th, hapless socialite Afia St. John is convinced she is jinxed. She’s lost two husbands, an inheritance, and can’t even keep a job serving pancakes. Hard-boiled private investigator Jake Leeds needs money, bad enough that he accepts a secret payment to hire Afia as his assistant. Believing her only skill is shopping, both are shocked by her natural talent for investigating—not to mention their sizzling attraction to each other.
Will Jake be the good luck charm that puts Afia on a winning streak or, like everything else in her life, will he wind up jinxed?
"The hi-jinks of Ciotta's charmingly imperfect heroine makes JINXED a hip, witty, fun read!" -- Nan Ryan, bestselling author

"Fast-paced, sizzling, sexy fun!" -- Karyn Monk, USA Today bestselling author

* * *
Tell me, what's the most trouble you ever went to to track down a book? Where did you find it?


flchen1 said…
That would be some of the old Jennifer Crusies. I was an eBay junkie, and did eventually buy most of them that way. Eeek...
Roni said…
I once bought a Suzanne Brockmann book (The Admiral's Bride)on ebay. It was a great book too!
I hope your books stay in print--I know new readers would love the older ones. CHARMED was my absolute favorite!
BW for some reason my computer couldn't post again on the last comments...I just wanted to say I;ve always given my dogs table scraps and all have lived to be 13 or older. For centuries, dogs lived off the scraps of man!
charleneteglia said…
It's out of print? OMG am I glad I have it!

I've gone to lengths to track down Jennifer Crusie's backlist. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for Sizzle. But I had to have it.
flchen1 said…
Heh, you and me both, Charlene! And it's such a thin little "book"...

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