On the Fly: Young at Heart

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have family visiting. Yesterday, we took my young niece and nephew to a local amusement park known as Storybook Land. Once you walk through the doors flanked by toy soldiers, you're in a beautiful wooded area. The theme? Mother Goose rhymes. The fun? Kiddie rides, animated characters, and a few fun critters.

My five-year old niece conquered every ride, some of them twice. My two-year old nephew was fond of the merry-go-round and monster trucks. My sister and brother-in-law traded off riding with them and even I (who gets motion sick) braved a few spins. The most fun for me was watching them have fun. I'll try to share some pictures later. Just now I'm squeezing in writing before work.

Tonight: I wanted my sister and brother-in-law to have a night to explore the casinos. That means I'll be watching the kids. My plan? An at-home movie and popcorn. Wish me luck!

What have you done lately to entertain young ones?


flchen1 said…
My son and his friends are huge Star Wars fans these days, so they do a lot of invented light saber duels and playing with Legos, often dragging their siblings into the mix.

But if you mean more actively participating in arranging the fun, we walk to the nearby playgrounds a lot, with lots of snacks/drinks in tow. We've also gone to the library (that sort of outing is for me, too :))

Enjoy your family time!
Mary Stella said…
B, Storybook Land has been around forever. When I was a child we used to go there, and also to a place called Adventure Village that wasn't too far away. AV featured a guy named Slippery Sam and the local Keystone Kops had to try to keep him in jail. He was always escaping and we children would yell and give chase to bring him to the cops' attention.

When the movie is over, if your niece and nephew still need to be entertained, you can bring out your phenomenal storyteller skills!
charleneteglia said…
Mine love books. And coloring. And going for walks, or out in the yard to kick a ball. Actually, everything is fun at that age. Taking a bath is exciting. That's a good quality to not outgrow!
FeyRhi said…
We have a park similar to that in London called Storybook Gardens. It's a great place! I remember going to when I was a kid and I've taken my kids there too.

My girls have been at their grandfathers for the last 5 days. Getting spoiled rotten by all their aunts and uncles. It's beena nice treat for hubby and I to have some time alone but I'm ready for them to come home. I miss them.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for chiming in with your thoughts and suggestions ladies! Sorry to be so late in responding. If I thought I was busy before... :-) Anyhoo, these were great!
Roni said…
Sorry to chime in late. Play dough is still a lot of fun for kids (and doesn't stain!). Also, baking cupcakes or something easy is usually fun for them.

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