On the Fly: New Orleans Here I Come

I spent the past four days cramming to memorize a script and three songs for an upcoming performance this week. I spent the whole of last night stuffing 150 goody bags. Thankfully Steve helped or the task would have stretched to the wee hours. Today I'm only putting in a half day at the library so that I can spend the afternoon creatively packing. I'm really hoping to stuff all clothes, shoes, toiletries, promo giveaways and raffle basket into ONE suitcase.

You guessed it. I'm attending a conference this weekend. A very special conference as it is hosted by my good friend, NYT bestselling author Heather Graham. This is her second annual conference and for the second year it will take place in New Orleans. A very specific choice for Heather as she wishes to encourage tourism in a city that suffered and continues to suffer because of Hurricane Katrina.

There's been a lot written about New Orleans over the past couple of days due to the anniversary of the disaster. Most of what I read was troubling. I know my visit and tourism dollars spent won't amount to much, but it's something. I'm really glad I'm going. Lots of other writers and industry professionals are attending as well. I believe the latest count was 175. So thanks to Heather and her hard-working coordinator, Connie Perry, the city will be blessed with 175 additional tourists this holiday weekend.

Crammed into this weekend? Parties, chats, workshops, editor appointments, dinner (with a show!) and a book fair. Check out the official conference site for details. Maybe we can tempt you to join the fun and good cause next year!

I'll try to blog while in New Orleans. If I can't, I'll fill you in when I get back. (Note to self: Pack the camera!) In the meantime, have a fantastic and safe holiday weekend. Any special plans?


Roni said…
Have fun Beth! And tell Heather I SO enjoy her books (I read The Island this summer). My plans for the weekend are: working on cleaning up my home office; reading; and relaxing. I'm working only on Saturday morning. I hope you get to meet lots of your fans!
flchen1 said…
I hope you have a great time during your very busy weekend! And how terrific for Heather and all of you to be helping enjoy and promote the beauty that is still New Orleans!
Anna Lucia said…
Have a great time, Beth - and say hi to Kathy Love for me!

Good on you, Heather, and all the other attendees and contributors for helping in any way they can. It's horrible how quickly the world can forget the victims of disasters.
Barb said…
Have fun and do take lots of pictures. Send me one of you and Heather if you think of it!

Today (Sunday) is Larry's birthday, so we will be celebrating that. Other than that, we are just getting Logan and Jax geared up for school. 2 days and counting!
RAC said…
I love New Orleans! And I just saw Heather Graham and family in NYC in July at ThrillerFest again. Nice people. Post some pics for us.

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