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On the Fly: New Orleans Here I Come

I spent the past four days cramming to memorize a script and three songs for an upcoming performance this week. I spent the whole of last night stuffing 150 goody bags. Thankfully Steve helped or the task would have stretched to the wee hours. Today I'm only putting in a half day at the library so that I can spend the afternoon creatively packing. I'm really hoping to stuff all clothes, shoes, toiletries, promo giveaways and raffle basket into ONE suitcase.

You guessed it. I'm attending a conference this weekend. A very special conference as it is hosted by my good friend, NYT bestselling author Heather Graham. This is her second annual conference and for the second year it will take place in New Orleans. A very specific choice for Heather as she wishes to encourage tourism in a city that suffered and continues to suffer because of Hurricane Katrina.

There's been a lot written about New Orleans over the past couple of days due to the anniversary of the disaster…

On the Fly--Fourteen. The New Seventeen.

Over the weekend I received two interesting emails. One at my MySpace account. One at my website account. Both from readers who wanted to let me know how much they loved ALL ABOUT EVIE. I was thrilled. I was also stunned. Both readers, different readers, identified themselves as being fourteen. As in 14-years-old!

I cringed thinking about the sexual content and graphic language, although both of the young ladies commented only on the humor. A co-worker at the library wasn't surprised to learn I had a young audience. "Fourteen," she said, "is the new seventeen. Trust me. I know." She's the mother of a young teenage girl. According to her, at this point, in today's world, a 14-year-old has pretty much seen and heard it all.

I don't even think I read my first Harlequin until I was 16 and they were categories. No graphic language to my recollection, certainly not the 'F' work. And the sex took place 'off page'. I definitely remember being …

Quote of the Day

"It is worth mentioning, for future reference, that the creative power which bubbles so pleasantly in beginning a new book quiets down after a time, and one goes on more steadily. Doubts creep in. Then one becomes resigned. Determination not to give in, and the sense of an impending shape keep one at it more than anything." --Virginia Woolf

On Writing--To What End?

I went to bed at 8:30 last night. I needed to write. I had been writing for two hours . . . but in circles. Something was wrong. I couldn't move forward. I desperately needed to move forward. The problem, I decided, was with the heroine's motivation in a particular scene. It wasn't quite right. But I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I couldn't think.

At 8:25 I gave up, shut off the computer, went downstairs and told my husband, "I'm going to bed. Maybe I'm coming down with something," I said. "I don't feel sick, but I'm exhausted." I could barely keep my eyes open. That morning I'd also failed to wake at my appointed 5:30am to write before work. Too tired.

Steve pointed out that I've been burning the candle from both ends, meeting one or another deadline, one after the other for a year. Actually, I've been doing that for four years. The difference is, this year, in addition, I started a full time day-job. I thought I…

On the Fly--From One Crazy Week to Another

Last week was a blur of work by day, fun by night. I had family visiting. I rarely get to see my sisters, my brother, or their children. So it was a real treat to have my sister Barb, her husband, Larry, and my neice Logan (5) and nephew Jax (2) for an entire week. We watched a lot of movies, read books, played with the dogs, and conquered quite a few amusement parks including Sesame Place. Here are a few pics from that day. Jax and Barb on the Flying FishLogan with ElmoJax, Logan and meFunny how when you hang with young kids, you become a kid again yourself. At least I did. I even braved two roller coasters with Logan and the Merry-go-Round with Jax. No, I'm not scared of the Merry-go-round, but anything that goes in a circle makes me green. My favorite distraction at Sesame Place was a little water park thingee with fountains that shot out every where. We didn't have bathing suits on, but Logan, Jax and I waded through and got wet anyway. It was sweltering that day and I don&…

On Writing--A New Cover

Hi gang! This has been and continues to be a crazy whirlwind week. My family is still visiting, deadlines continue to loom and then there's the day job thing. I'll be lucky if I know my own name by Saturday. But it's all good. Today I took a vacation day and we're driving an hour or so to visit Sesame Street Place. I feel at a disadvantage not knowing who this 'Elmo' guy is that my nephew seems to adore, but I figure I'll know the furry dude well by the time we leave.
In big people news... this week I was given the thumbs up on sharing a new book cover with you. I have to say... I LOVE THIS COVER! It fits the story in so many ways. Special thanks to HQN's marketing and art department. I'll share the back cover blurb later. For now.. here's the art for the second book in the Chameleon Chronicles series--EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE. What do you think?

On the Fly: Young at Heart

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have family visiting. Yesterday, we took my young niece and nephew to a local amusement park known as Storybook Land. Once you walk through the doors flanked by toy soldiers, you're in a beautiful wooded area. The theme? Mother Goose rhymes. The fun? Kiddie rides, animated characters, and a few fun critters.

My five-year old niece conquered every ride, some of them twice. My two-year old nephew was fond of the merry-go-round and monster trucks. My sister and brother-in-law traded off riding with them and even I (who gets motion sick) braved a few spins. The most fun for me was watching them have fun. I'll try to share some pictures later. Just now I'm squeezing in writing before work.

Tonight: I wanted my sister and brother-in-law to have a night to explore the casinos. That means I'll be watching the kids. My plan? An at-home movie and popcorn. Wish me luck!

What have you done lately to entertain young ones?

On the Fly--One the Run

Currently overwhelmed with day-job, contracted gigs, contracted books and visiting family. Will return ASAP. Please check back and have a great weekend!

On Writing: Flying High In The Zone

Having an excellent writing day. Totally in 'the zone'. Wrote ten pages with relative ease. I was motivated. Inspired. Okay. It took me all day and it involved the secondary romance and sub-plot, but hey, it was fun. Not funny per se, although, yeah, some of the dialogue made me smile. Dialogue. Lots of dialogue in this chapter. My strength. And you know what? When I hit a point I needed to research, I used a question mark and highlighted it. I rarely do that. Usually need to know then and there. But not today. Today it's all about getting the story down. Go, go, go equaled progress and a feeling of accomplishment.

Now I have to go back and write a scene I skipped. Didn't know I'd skipped a scene until I emailed Cyndi the previous chapter for her thoughts and she commented on what she thought might follow. Which was something that had crossed my mind but I ignored because I was inspired to write the 'fun' chapter. I'm glad I skipped ahead, again, somethi…

On the Fly: Inspiration

Monday is an official posting day and I'm am deep, deep, deep in a deadline book. I have nothing entertaining or intelligent to say, so.... please allow me to share a glimpse of one of my all time favorite muscial movies (brilliant work) and my favorite song from that film. I've actually had the pleasure of performing this song. Powerful stuff!

On Reading: Hard-to-Find Books

Last night I completed an interview for Romance Junkies. Tonight I'll be working on an interview for Affaire de Coeuremagazine. I'm thrilled to have these opportunities to promote my books, but I worry as I answer each question. Am I interesting? Inspiring? Do I at least sound semi-intelligent? It seemed to me that my 'story voice' and 'interview voice' are two different things. So the fantasy me is more entertaining than the real me? The things I ponder when overly-tired and under-caffeinated.
But I digress.
One of the questions I answered last night had to do with my first sale to Medallion Press. How I felt in that moment. Stunned and dizzy comes close. It made me think of the book that launched my solo career: JINXED. The first in a contemporary trilogy that features recurring characters. A story near and dear to my, and many a reader's, heart. A book that is now--*gasp*--officially out of print in the United States.
JINXED is only three years old, but, s…