On Writing: The Cave

Sorry for my absence, gang. I am in the cave. The Hermit Cave. The place I go when I'm on severe deadline. Barely time to sleep, let alone blog. I just peeked out to let you know I'm alive. Sort of. I'll return to my normal blogging self on Monday, July 23.

In other news:
While trying to eat a bowl of soup at my desk, I splashed HOT soup on my wrist and now have a red, swollen welt that hurts.
Summer allergies are killing me. Weeks and weeks of itchy, swollen eyes. Yes, I'm taking medication. How well it works changes day to day. Winter is beginning to sound good.

Between my busy scedule and my hairdresser's jammed schedule, I have been unable to get an appointment for color. Thus I have silver hair in my roots... and it will only get worse. I've almost convinced myself that they are lovely highlights.
In other, other news: When I let my two crazy dogs (Billie and Cheyenne) outside, I have to stay with them and watch to make sure they don't eat things that they shouldn't. Like poop and dirt.

Ah. The glamorous life.


Jennifer Elbaum said…

Sounds like you're having one of those days/weeks/months. Hang in there!
Mary Stella said…
Hang on, B. You can do it! Sorry about the burn. I know how it feels, believe me!

flchen1 said…
Oh, hang in there, Beth! Sorry to hear about the burn--I do stuff like that all the time unfortunately :( See you next week ;)
Barb said…

I think our roots match. We could be sisters. Oh, that's right, we are sisters!
Don't worry, my family will be invading your housr very soon and we'll make sure the dogs only eat their own poop.

Have fun!
Roni said…
Hi Beth, take Noxema and put it in the refrig for a while. Then slather the cold noxema on your burn. Ah...
Your fans DO want you to keep writing so we can read those coming books!
This has been a BAD allergy season for tree pollen. I have it too. And there's a limit to ow much extra allergy medication I can take and still function. Tree pollen should be gone now. As soon as it does, we'll probably have an early ragweed season (I'm allergic to both, and usually the middle of the summer is a reprieve for me but not this year). Feel better!
Getting out with the dogs helps remind you of life outside the cave.

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