On the Fly: What's Your Love Stage?

Yes, I'm busy writing, but I just happened to run across an interesting article. Interesting for the heck of it. Especially interesting if you write about love.

Here's an excerpt....

"The Free Agent"

LoveStage: Single and not looking
Your top priority: Are you busy starting a business? Raising a kid? Writing a best seller? Whatever your focus, the majority of you said "obtaining knowledge," not finding Mr. Right, is your goal right now.

Your bottom line: Financially, you think long-term. Fiscally ambitious, you're also the thriftiest of the LoveStages in the here and now. In fact, you're decidedly anti-impulse buy, spending 30 percent less than any other group on clothing, shoes, or La Perla.

Fun fact: Hot wheels, not hot dates? Free Agents are more likely to invest in a new car in the next 12 months than any other LoveStage.

Celeb poster child: George Clooney


The first of several stages. Check it out and tell me... what stage are you in?

P.S. YES! That's a photo from the steamy Beckham 'W' photo shoot. *yowza* And I guess they fall into the "Nouveau Wife" stage.


Cynthia said…
That's a cute list, more fun that many I've read in the past. What stage am I in? How about one that's not quite on the list. I am single, looking - although not a seriously as I probably should be, but I don't really fit into the rest of the social part of any stage. But hey, that's the way my life runs. I'm different, always have been, always will be.

Now back to what I should be doing instead of being online reading blogs - writing, especially since I signed up for Alison Kent's challenge.
flchen1 said…
*snort*... Sorry, OK, where's the category for not-nouveau wife? ;) We're coming up on 10 years, and so not like Beckham and his lovely spouse (were we ever?) are mostly focused on the nitty gritty of raising the kids now. :) Guess it isn't a very glamorous sounding stage--committed? Ready to be committed? ;p (Where are those dudes in white coats?)
Beth Ciotta said…
Cynthia, always nice to hear from you! Sounds like you're content to me. As for being different, part of what makes you so interesting! Oh, hey. Good luck in the writing challenge!

flchen1, thanks for the smile. White coats. *snicker* Happy almost 10th to you and your husband!
Gabriele C. said…
Definitely Happy Single and not looking. Not ever.

I lack those relationship and family genes. Most of the time I lack any social genes, lol.

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