On the Fly: Scattered

On Tuesday, I locked my husband and dogs out of the house.

Great set up line for a dramatic story about how they made me screaming mad and I booted them out. But the truth of it is, I'm just an absent-minded spaz.

I'd come home for lunch. They were in the backyard watering the rose bushes and tomato plants. When it was time for me to go back to work, I stepped outside to tell them goodbye. Came back in, went out the front, and drove to work.

About fifteen minutes later, I got a phone call. Steve. "You locked the dogs and I out of the house." He didn't sound amused. Apparently when I'd renentered from the back yard, I locked the sliding glass door. One of those auto-pilot, out-of-habit things. I always lock the door--though not when somebody is still outside. Oops. So the back door and the front door were locked, and Steve and the dogs were stuck in the hot sun with no keys or phone.

Then he remembered he'd hidden away a house key. Thank goodness!

Yesterday, I had a hair appointment. Finally. Goodbye grey. I was the last appointment of the day, so my hair stylist left with me. While we chatted, I searched my purse for my car keys. Had a bit of a panic atack. "Where are my keys??" She pointed and asked, "What are those in your hand?"

*Thunk to the forehead.*

Then remember the Monday I went into work but it wasn't my Monday? I'm really beginning to scare myself. Then I remind myself that I have a billion things going on in my life, in my mind. I just turned in one book and now I'm bearing down on another deadline book plus a proposal. Someone wants to interview me for a readers website and I just got emails from two bookstore asking for promotional material that I've yet to order. I need to prepare for two upcoming workshops and I've yet to book my flight to an upcoming conference. All of this in addition to the day job.

I'm a bit scattered. Time to make one of my famous 'To Do' lists. Attack. Cross off.

On a good note, yesterday Steve surprised me and bought a new sofa that I'd been wanting. And Cheyenne and Billie have been on me like glue, a couple of Velcro-Dogs. Guess they've all forgiven me for locking them out of the house.

What about you? Any recent absent-minded moments?


Tori Lennox said…
My whole life is an absent-miinded mess. :)
flchen1 said…
I mainly have a tendency to misplace things just when I need them... forms that need to be mailed back, library books that are due, and that sort of thing... it's just annoying! Thanks for sharing your stories--helps the rest of us feel a smidgen better about our own issues ;)
charleneteglia said…
ah, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in absent-minded chaos! Lists, I love them. I am lost without them. Also without calendars, filing systems, etc. You can only keep, what, ten items in short-term memory? The rest of it had better be written down somewhere!
FeyRhi said…
I usually spend my life in a mental haze but there are times when it is worse then others. Like the other day when I was getting ready for work and getting the girls fed and ready to go to the babysitters. I found my keys and hooked them on my purse so I wouldn't have to look for them later.

Get everyone organized, ready and out to the car and as I passed the key hook I grabbed the car keys and off we went.

Catch my mistake? Yuppers when I got to the babysitters I realized I had BOTH sets of car keys, mine and hubsters. oops.

I drove home as fast as I could, snuck in the house, hung his back up and then went to work. Luckily he was in the shower and didn't hear me or it would be a long time before I live that one down.
Scott Oden said…
I forgot to eat, and I can't recall my last shower. But only 89 pages to go :)
Sun Singer said…
I get up from my PC to go pour another cup of coffee. When I get back to my PC, my glasses aren't anywhere. Beamed off the face of the earth by Klingons, stolen by evil forces at Hogwarts...

In case none of that's true, I begin retracing my probable route to and from the kitchen. Hmm, I looked out the window to see if the deer were nibling in the garden...looked to see why and how the cat was making all that racket...looked at the rain gauge to see if the recent shower brought was enough to help...

This isn't funny.

Meanwhile, my characters have wandered off the screen and are getting drunk in some damn saloon in one of your western novels.

Beth Ciotta said…
Tori--ha!! I can relate!

flchen1--You are not alone. I misplace things all the time!

Charlene, is that true? Only ten items in short term memory? That makes me feel better. Although, wait. Do I even ave ten? Ack!
Beth Ciotta said…
feyrhi, I can see myself doing that! At least you caught the snaffu. :) I can hear my cell ringing. Steve. "How am I supposed to get to work? You took my keys." Oops!

SCOTT!!! Been there, my friend. But hey. Less than 90 pages to go. You're almost there!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Malcolm, so happy to see/read you here at my main blog. Don't be a stranger! And yes, that was, too, humorous. Made me smile! As for your characters... I'll see if my characters can keep them out of a bar brawl. Wait. What am I saying. My characters will JOIN your in that brawl. :)

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