On Writing: The Muse Dogs

I know. It’s Thursday, one of my official blog days, but I’ve got nothing. Juggling day job and dream job. Other people’s books and my books. Creativity and energy tapped. But at least I can share a picture of my muse dogs. Cheyenne and Billie. They have the run of the house yet every morning and night while I’m writing, Cheyenne curls up under my desk and Billie stretches out alongside my chair. For hours. Talk about devoted friends. I may be burnt but I’m blessed.


barb said…
I think that is great. Billie and Cheyenne are very loving and loyal. I want a dog! Do you want my 2 cats?
CrystalG said…
They look so lovable. :)
danetteb said…
Sweet...I can't have pets,but its always nice to see happy dogs.*g*
Constance said…
Dog pics are always welcome. :)
My two Corgis are my best buds. They are known for their grins - just looking at them makes you smile in return.
Roni said…
They look like GREAT dogs! And obviously they're devoted to you. DOn't you love those doggy smiles?

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