On the Fly: BEA... The First Day

Although BEA launched earlier in the week with special workshops and forums, the first day for me was Friday. I woke up with swollen eyes. Yup. The weekend I was to meet with my agent and several professionals with both of my publishing houses--not to mention the general masses--and my eyes were almost swollen shut. Figures.

I've been fighting my worst allergy season ever, but this was more like an allergic reaction, one I'm still battling a bit. Still not sure what's triggering it. At any rate, I took an allergy pill, drank lots of water, and wore my tinted prescription glasses all day, hoping I looked somewhat cool, and not aloof. Heh.

Steve and I arrived midday. If I rushed, I could make the last ten-minutes of my friend Heather Graham's autographing. As I mentioned yesterday it was brutally hot and crowded in the Javitz center, so imagine what I looked like after rushing... coupled with my swollen eyes. Er, yeah. I did, however, make it in time to see my friend. I intended to get her book--an ARC--for an avid fan library patron, but she was being hurried and we were chatting and she made it out to me. Hee. So now I have her personalized copy of THE SEANCE. Lucky me. I wanted to read it anyway.

While downstairs we bumped into Ali DeGray, lovely and talented daughter of Helen and James Rosburg (Helen is an author and the president and founder of Medallion Press and James is a wicked-talented artist). So after a few seconds chat with Heather and a few members of her family, we zipped up to the main floor to the Medallion Press booth. We missed Helen and James, but we did see and speak with Deborah (direct sales), Gloria (foreign sales), Jim (art production) and the wondrous Adam Mock (VP/Creative Director). Adam made me laugh when he said he'd been visited earlier by two extremely enthusiastic women who knew everything about me and my books and even knew who he was. I knew it could be no other than the famous Elsie and Laurie! (Sorry I missed you girls!) More on the fabulous Medallion Press booth tomorrow when I talk about my signing!

I then skipped over to the Harlequin Enterprises booth where I ran into Romantic Times friends, Kathryn Falk, Jo Carol Jones, and Sharon Murphy. The Harlequin booth was huge and quite the hub-bub of activity. I encountered several more people I knew including author Alexandra Sokoloff (hi, Alex!), chatting until it was time to meet with my agent.

For those who don't know, my agent is Amy Moore-Benson of AMB Literary Management. In her former life as an editor, she spent 12 years with Harlequin, most of that I believe (if not all) with MIRA. I actually think it's quite beneficial that she knows both sides of the fence from personal experience. Amy is lovely--a charismatic dynamo. I'm inspired and energized every time we meet in person. We found a semi-cool space in a food court where we had juice and discussed my career. I'm goal oriented, so I was supremely pleased about all the options we discussed and the goals we decided on. I. Am. Jazzed.

This moment, however, I'm rushed to make it to work. So... This post to be continued as soon as humanly possible as I must share bits about the fabulous dinner sponsored by Medallion Press. Stay tuned!


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